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Butler's Store (1887) served as the Hickory Post Office and telephone exchange.
The first white settler was Mr. Robert Grignon about 1856. He settled on Grignon Lake. The first store was built on the south east shore of Grignon Lake.
Hayes got its name from a Mr. Hayes, who was the first to drive logs on the Hayes Brook before 1879. There were two dams on the Hayes Brook and one close to Grignon Lake.
Mr. Scummers had a dam west of Elm Road, on the Pecor Brook, which was used to operate his grist mill.
There was a furniture store which stood west of the Hayes Brook.
There were post offices at Hayes, Linzy Brook and Pecor.
The Hayes school, built in 1883, was the first school in the Town of How. The next public school building was the Grignon school, then the Linzy Brook school, Town Line school and the Buhrandt school on St. John Road. The Catholic cemetery was started in 1885. Herman Yakel settled in the town of How about 1871. He and his wife, Wilhelmina, homesteaded on the farm now owned by Harold Dickson, located one half mile east of Hayes, on County Trunk M. The abandoned house and other buildings still remain standing on the site. The house was built of logs, then later it was covered with siding.
When John Holl came to Hayes in 1879, he forded the river just below the forks, and went up the big hill. He built a sawmill on the present Otto farm. He later built a grocery store in Hayes.
The Hayes Evangelical Church was built in 1888. Some of the members were: the Bill Strehlow, Robert Yake!, Jr., and Herzog families, Clara Gerndt, Russell Wicke and -Emma Alien. This church, located diagonally across to the south of Str. John's Church, was sold and torn down and its members joined the Suring Methodist Church.
Hayes Evangelical Church - 1888