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Frank and Amelia Saletri began the golf course on their farm property east of Suring prior to 1962. They purchased the Sidney Hansen farm and proceeded to extend the course. Marty Garrity was hired to do the layout and supervise the work in 1962. Carl Zipple did the earth moving. Fairways No. 2 and No. 3 were cut out of the woods and took a long time to clear and fill. Then the greens had to be molded and seeded and the fairways laid out. Sand points and motors were used to get water to some of the greens. Gas pumps were used near ponds for the rest.

Frank and Amelia sold the course to their son John in 1975 but still work there. An automatic sprinkler system, which turns on from 12:00 to 4:00 A.M., has made the work a lot easier.


One of the old landmarks of Suring is the gristmill that has given many years of service to the farmers in the vicinity. The main part of the present mill was erected about 1903 by Christ Daniels who used it only as an elevator in which to store grain that he bought from the farmers. He later sold and shipped the grain to consumers elsewhere. After a few years in this business. Mr. Daniels ceased to operate the elevator and it was idle for a period of time.

Later the Wagner brothers took over the elevator and were dealers in farm produce such as grain and potatoes. They also installed machinery and did some feed grinding.
In 1919 the farmers living in the area surrounding Suring formed a stock company and purchased the elevator balding. Thfey remodeled it somewhat and added new machinery to their milling service which included a flour mill. More extensive grinding of grain, mixing of feeds and the making of flour was now made available to the farmers of the area. Peter Miller was hired to manage the business at that time and Bill Bratz was one of the later millers.

Leo Elfe bought the mill after a time and continued to grind feed and make flour until he sold it to the present owners, the Suring Farmers Mercantile Company. The new owners completely remodeled and enlarged the mill.