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The first Christian meeting in Hickory was held in 1845 in a log shanty. This meeting was held when an old Baptist minister found his way through the woods to Hickory. Every man, woman and child in the area was there, numbering twenty.

The following summer a school was built opposite the location of the present Church of Christ. In that church, Mr. S.H. Couch occasionally preached. Following him was Mr. Sanford who started the farm owned by Mr. Thario. He stayed two years. Then came Mr. Yarbrood ,who walked long distances to church. Roads were impassable until 1882. Then Mr. Cox came as a regular pastor. He was followed by: Rev. Couch, Rev. Savage, Rev. Moyle, Rev. Robinson, Rev. Vischer and Brother Saule.

In 1891 or 1892 the congregation was divided into the Hickory Methodist Church and the Hickory Church of Christ. Both churches were built in 1894.


The Emmanuel Lutheran Church was organized on March 26, 1911. The Constitution was adopted on July 2, 1911. The building was built in 1914 and dedicated on May 18, 1915. The original name was Evangelical St. Emmanuel Lutheran Church. The land on which the church stands was purchased from Leo and Fannie Beyer.

The church was extensively remodeled in 1974. All the bricks were removed from the exterior and replaced by white siding. The basement was remodeled and carpeted and a new entry and restooms were added.

Some of the names mentioned in the early church records are August Kuehl, Michael Mueller, John Quandt, John Lemke, Wilhelm Kuehl, August Elfe, Herman Ziegenhagen and Herman Dorin.

Today there are 310 baptized members and 239 communicant members. It has prospered over the years and become the spiritual haven for many faithful