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This treasured original memorial poster has been in the Bartels Family for generations.
They are sharing it with you.

contributed by:

Samuel & Melissa Bartels

S - Special
O. - order
G- general
Gen. - General
Corp - Corporal
Sergt. - Sergent
Lieut. - Lieutenant
Cap. - Captain
app - appointed
vet. - verteran of battle
rec. - recruit 
dis. - disablility
disch'd - discharged
m. o. - mustered out
exp. - expiration of  service
Dept. - Department
sub - subordinate (master sergeant)

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The 12th rendezvoused at Camp Randall, Madison Wis. Oct. 1. 1861.  Left there Jan. 11,'62 for Weston Mo., at which place they arrived Jan. 16. Feb. 15, they started on their march for Leavenworth, Kansas, and went into camp near the Fort at that place; left there Mar 1, for Fort Scott from which place they stared Feb 27, on their  march for Lawrence, where they arrived  Apr 2. On the 20th set out for Fort Riley, and arrived there the 25th. May 18,the "Great Southwestern Expedition" having been abandoned, they were ordered back to Leavenworth and arrived there May 27 having accomplished a march of 527 miles. Left there for St. Louis, on the 29th here after a short stay they embarked for Columbus Ky., and arrived there June 2. They were then engaged repairing the Mobile and Ohio R.R. which the rebels had destroyed on their retreat. Went

This Company
Was Raised In

Oconto County

(history con't)
to Humboldt Tenn., July 9. Part of the Reg't being mounted here they were very efficient among the guerillas infesting that section. They went to Bolivar Tenn., Oct 1, and were attached to the 3rd Brig. 4th Div. 17th A.C. with which command they continued through all the military exploits at and around Vicksburg. After becoming veterans in Mar. 1864, and enjoying a furlough with their friends at home they again rejoined their command and participated in all battles and marches of Gen. Sherman's unequaled campaigns from Chattanooga, Tenn, to Raleigh N.C. at which place they arrived Apr. 15, 1865. From there, after the surrender of Gen. Johnston, they returned to Washington, and participated in the Grand Review. From there went to Louisville and then to Madison Wis.


Anderson, Gunder C.
Arsnow, Reuben
Abby, James
Brunette, John
Bundy, James C.
Brien, Lewis
Barrington, Richard
Bartels, John
Bundy, Daniel
Beaushaw, Felix
Baldic, Lewis
Brady, Franklin
Bruettte, Antone
Bunker, Lewis W.
Barker, Benj. B.
Buck, Amos F.
Bruette, Phillip
Barnum, John W.
Bishop, Amos
Bishop, Joseph
Bearss, Sylvester
Beaver, John
Brinker, John
Connard, John B.
Colson, Alvin S.
Cussic, Milan C.
Cooke, Gabriel
Counsil, Wm. A.
Cowles, Amzi W.
Cowles, Wm. P.
Campbell, Wm. A.
Dyer, John W.
Dress, Joseph T.
Degroff, Joseph T.
Engfert, John
Goddard, John H.
Green, James B.
Heidenworth, C.
Hannan, Patrtick
Howe, Anson
Hollister, Silas S.
Hannon, Jean J.
Jaques, Peter
Jones,  Joseph V.
Kill, Werner
Kingsland, John P.
Kezar, Luther
Koch, Anthony
Kramieter, Frederick
Luck, William
Leeson, James
Libby, Peter
Loughrey, Alexander
Lavallette, Mathias
Laverze, Leo
Lemke, Leo
Litterman, Joseph
Lee, Isaac
Morris, Joseph T.
Morris, Charles W.
Meidane, Denis
Nason, Daniel P.
Olive, Franklin
Olive, Maxive
Picket, Paul
Penree, Alfred
Partlow, Hollis
Reed, Geo. W.
Roberts, Richard
Sherman, James C.
Smiley, William C.
Smiley, James B.
Shoultes, Seymore
Sinclair, John
Thom, Mathis
Welch, Stephen
Whitcomb, Wm. W.
Webster, Homer
Young, Edward B.
Yourd, Frank

Frederick J Bartels, Capt
Appointed Sergt. Jan 5, '64; 1st Sergt. Aug 1. '64; 2nd Lieut. Nov. 7, '64; Captain, Jan 17, '65
James W. Loughrey, 1st Lt
Appointed Sergt. Aug 11, '64; 1st Sergt. Nov 4, '64; 2nd Lieut. Jan 17, '65; Lieut. Jan 28, '65

1 - Gardner R. Brooks, app. Sergt. Jan 5, 1864; 1st Sergt. May 26, 1865
2 - William N. Leeson, app. Corp Jan 5, '64; Sergt. Nov 8, 1864
3 - John M. Luhn, app. Corp Jan 5, '64; Sergt. Jan 17, '65
4 - Frederick Byers, app. Corp. Jan 5, '64; Sergt. Jan 17, 1865
5 - Geroge T. Pease, app. Corp. Nov 21, 1863; Sergt. May 26, 1865

1 - Joseph Lawe, app Jan 5, 1864
2 - John D. Sheahan, app Aug 1, 1864
3 - John Brophy, app. Aug 1, 1864
4 - David Heidenwortrh, app N ov 8, 1864
5 - Mortimer C. Delano, app Nov. 8, 1864
6 - Joseph Jessey, app. Jan 17,  '65; taken prisoner July 21, 1864.
7 - Henry Sheffen, app Jan 17, 1865
8 - Henry W. Wilson, app Corp. May 26, 1865

Terrence Cassedy   Drummer
Russel Francis  Fifer

The following were mustered out Nov. 5, 1864, by order of Maj. Gen. O. O. Howard:    

Brunetter, Louis
Corbin, George
Crawford, Joseph
Egan, Michael H.
Goddard, John.
Leake, Edward
Primrose, Jacob
Richardson, Lorenzo D.
Smith, James D.
Washburn, A. Delos


Bird, Harlan P. to Non Com. Staff as Sergt. Major Oct. 16, 1862
Dish, Joseph to V R C Apr. 1, 1865
Erwin, Moses to 23d Regt. V R C
Easton, Andrew J. Nov 10, 1864 to V R C.
Green, George W. to 22d Regt. V R C Apr 21, '65
Maxfield, James L. to Co H Nov 6, '61 by order Col. G.E. Bryant
Sawyer, John . to Co H Nov 6, '61 by order Col. G.E. Bryant
Tourtillott, John L. . to Co H Nov 6, '61 by order Col. G.E. Bryant
White, Joseph . to Co H Nov 6, '61 by order Col. G.E. Bryant


Levi Turner, 1st Sergt. order of Maj. Gen. Cutler. May 26, '65 at Prairie du Chien
Jessie A Barbar, Sergt. Oct 17,  '63 to accept promotion as 2d Lieut in 6th Miss C T.
Archgibald Bell Corp. rec. June 21,'65 by G. O. 86
Franklin L Whitney, Corp. for dis. May 1, 1862
Lyman T. High Corp.  for dis. June 4, 1862
Daniel Mahoney Corp. May 27, '64 by O. of Gen Blair.
Samuel B. Grover, Corp.  for dis. June 12, 1862
Adams, Charles W. draft May 31, '65 by O. of War Dept.
Beckwith, R. F. vet. Sept 2, '64 by order War Dept.
Brunette, David vet June 11, ' 65 by O. of Gen Cutler
Black, Mathew Mar. 18, 1963 for disablilty.
Berry, John A. Mar. 18, 1963 for disablilty.
Carney, Jeremiah vet June 14, '65 by O Gen. Palmer.
Connolly, Patrick rec. Feb 7, '65 for disablility.
Campbell, John Apr 2, 1863 for disability.
Delano, Mortimer C. June 12, 1862 for disability.
Dwyer, Thomas Apr 9, 1862 for disability.
Hurley, Edmund J. rec. June 16, '65 by G. O. 77 1865.
Hurst, James W. rec. May 22, '65 at ex. of service.
Harting, Charles sub. by S. O. 33 A. G. O.
Hayward, James A. sub. by S. O. 33 A. G. O.
Ireland, L. Truman Oct 19, 1862 for disability
Jones, Willios P. rec. May 31, ' 65 by order of War Dept.
Kluner, August sub. May 31, '65 by Telegram Order
Leiser, Wm J. sub. May 31, '65 by Telegram Order
Leonard, Henry L. rec. Dec 28, '64 at ex. of ser.
Mooney, Michael Nov. 12, 1862 for disability
Penree, William rec. Nov. 26, '64 at ex. of service.
Pentany, John Mar. 18, 1863 for disability.
Pulford, Ezekiel July 25, 1862 for disability.
Place, Doctor S. Nov. 27, '61 a minor enlisted without concent of Parents
Stevens, Homer rec. May 15, '65 by order War Dept.
Smith, William B. May 27, 1862 for disability.
Ures, James rec. Dec. 19, '64 on ex. of service.
Ward, John rec. June 6, '65 by G O 77 A G O.
George C. Norton, Captain, mustered out by S F O No. 11 Army of Tenn. Jan 17, 1865
Levi Odell, 1st Lieut mustered out Nov 5, 1864 on expiration of service.
David Jones, 2nd Lieut disch'd Oct. 1, '64 by S O 223 Army of Tenn.
Henry L. Tourtillott, 2nd Lieut; resigned May 15, 1862 at Fort Riley Kansas. Promoted Nov 5, '61 from private.


Benjamin, William May 27, '62 on the march from Fort Riley to Leavenworth Kansas.
Campion, Edward Nov 25, '61 while on a ten days furlough from Madison Wis.
Delano, Wiilliam W. June 8, '62 at Columbus Ky.

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ublished and Sold by S. W. Martin, Madison, Wis.


Isaac S. Libby, vet, 1st Sergt killed July 21, '64 at Atlanta Ga.
Ferdinand Bennett, vet. 1st Corp. of wounds July 28, 1864.
William L. Foster, Corp. Jan 19,'"63.
Ames, Hiram rec. Oct. 7 (17), '64
Bruette, George vet. killed July 21, '64 at Atlanta.
Bartells, Henry Sept 5, 1864 of wounds.
Covarts, Franklin vet. killed June 15m '64 at Kennesaw Mountain.
Dyer, Samuel J. Oct 13, 1963 at Keokuck, Iowa.
Delano, Moses Apr 16,  '62 at Fort Leavenworth Kans.
Duame, Aceedor Sept  19, 1863 at Natchez Miss.
Garland, James rec. Apr 4, 1864.
Hale, William E. rec. Killed July 21,'64 at Atlanta Ga.
Haggett, Rueben rec. Oct 15, '64 of wounds.
Hayes, Philander Aug 13, 1863 at Vickburg Miss.
Kanaly, John Jan 19, 1862 at Madison Wis.
Lyon, Albert A. rec. July 10, '64 of wounds.
Lathrop, Elias Aug 2, '63 on Hosp'l Boat.
Leach, Hiram Aug 16, 1863 at St. Louis Mo.
Murray, William killed July 21, '64 in Atlanta Ga.
McCollum, Alexander Aug 4, '63 at Vickburg Miss.
Norton, Charles supposed to have fallen  from steamboat and drowned May 11, 1863.
Plush, David rec. Aug 28, '64 of wounds.
Pleasure, Octave vet. of wounds Sept 29, '64.
Penree, Leonard W. Sept 9, '63 at Natchez Miss.
Shappery, Louis Jan 2, '64 at Vicksburg Miss.
Thomas, David rec. killed July 21, '64 at Atlanta Ga.
Wilson, Edwin R. rec. Jan 13, '65 of wounds.
Whitney, Alonzo Jan 4, '63 at La Grange Tenn.
Williams, John July 16, '63 at Vicksburg Miss.

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