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 Cathe Ziereis
Latin Words Found In Genealogy Records

Latin words found in Genealogical Records

Aetas Age
Agricola Farmer (peasant)
Alias Nickname
Annus, Anno Year
Caelebs Unmarried before
Conditio Occupation status
Custos Guardian
Cemthonis Self-supporting farmer, 42 acres
De, del, delectus Deceased
De domo nee Of the house of
Dies Day
Dies vitae Day of life, age
Et And
Ex From, of, son/daughter of
Gemelli Twins
Hares Village owner
Hortulanus Farmer, house, bldg, animals 1-21 acres
Hortulanus cum agro Farmer with 21-42 acres
Iniquilinus Landless farmer
Mater, matris Mother
Matrices Original (red) birth
Mensis Month
Morbus Cause of death
Morte in acqua embrio Stillborn baby
Mortis Death
Nata "so born" nee
Nativitatis locus Birth place
Neophita Convert
Nobiles Nobility
Nomen Mane
Obstretrix Midwife
Oppidum, oppidio Town
Parochia Parish
Pater, patris Father
Patrini Godparents
Plebus Landless farm laborer
Post Surviving, deceased, after
Puella Girl
Puer Boy
Pupillaris Ward (child)
Recte Correctly
Rustico Landless farm laborer
Semi-cemethonia Farmer with 21-42 acres
Sepultarae Internment
Sponsa Bride
Sponsus Groom
Testes Witnesses
Thori Status of birth, legitimate, illegitimate
Tutor Guardian
Vidua Widow
Viduus Widower
Vulgo Nickname
Fillia Daughter
Filius Son
Maritus Husband
Pagus Village
Uxor Wife 

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