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 Cathe Ziereis

Health Terms of the 18th Century & Later
Ague Maleria, Chills, Fever
Canine Hydrophobia
Catarrh Sinus infection
Commotion Concussion
Consumption Tuberculosis
Corruption Infection
Costiveness Constipation
Cramp colic Appendicitis
Dropsy Edema
Falling sickness Epilepsy
Felon Infection finger
Flux of humor Circulation
French pox, Spanish pox, pox Venereal disease
Green sickness Anemia
Grippe Influenza
Hallucination Delirium
Hepatic Melancholy Cirrhosis of the liver
Hives Acute allergy
Infantile paralysis Polio
Lung sickness Tuberculosis
Lung fever Pneumonia
Mania Insanity
Mortification Infection
Piles Hemorrhoids
Pink eye Conjunctivitis
Putrid fever Diphtheria
Remitting fever Malaria
Sanguinous cyst Scab
Seven year itch Scabies
Ship, jail, camp fever Typhis
Sleeping sickness Encephalitis
Sore throat Quincy
Strangery Rupture/Stricture
Stroke Rupture of blood vessel
Throat ailment Diphtheria
Vapors Fainting
Wan Sebaceous cyst

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