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 Names of Historic Oconto County Schools
Oconto County, Wisconsin

  This is a list of the names discovered so far!
Some still stand, others were original log buildings that were replaced.
If you know of a missing school or have any old school photos please contact
so they can be remembered and cherished.
Abrams School - Abrams
Apple Orchard School  - Gillett
Bagley East Side School  - Kelly Lake
Bayshore/Frogpond School - Oconto
Beaver Lake School - Oconto Falls North
Birch Grove School -   Lena
Brazeau Central - Brazeau
Breed Central School  - Breed
Brick School  - Pensaukee
Brookside School - Oconto
Busy Nook School  - Lena
Central Morgan School - Oconto Falls South
Central School -   Kelly Lake
Chase Central School - Chase
Claywood School  - Gillett
Clover Nook School  - Gillett
Cottonwood Grove School  - Little Suamico
Couillardville School  - Pensaukee
Crooked Lake School - Armstrong (Mountain)
Degan School - Oconto Falls South
Dewey School  - Little Suamico
Doty - Valley View School -  Doty
Douglas School - Oconto
Elm Lawn School - Oconto Falls
Fairview Elementary School - Krakow
Fairview School  - Oconto West
Flowing Spring School  - Oconto Falls
Four Town School - Gillett
Frostville School - Maple Valley South
Franks (Settlement) School - Berry Lake
Gillett School - Gillett
Goldfield School - Kelly Lake (Brazeau)
Goldhorn School - Kelly Lake (Brazeau)
Good Cheer School  - Pulaski
Grant School - Lakewood
Greenwood School - Oconto West
Grignon School  - Berry Lake
Grimmer - Tar Dam - Armstrong (now Mountain) 
Hall School  - Oconto East
Hayes Brook  School - How
Hayes Graded School - How
Hickory School - Gillett
Immanuel School  - Gillett
Jefferson School - Oconto Falls South
Kadlec School - Spruce
Kelly Brook School - Oconto Falls North
Kelly Lake School  - Kelly Lake
Kingston School - Armstrong (Now Mountain)
Knowles School - Abrams
La Follette School  - Oconto West
Lena School - Lena
Lena High School - Lena
Lincoln School - Oconto East
Lincoln School  - Oconto Falls South
Linzy Brook School -   Berry Lake
Locust Grove School  -  Suamico
Logan School -  Breed
Louisville School  - Oconto West
Low Valley School  - Coleman
Maple Grove School  - Oconto West
McDowell School - Oconto West
Meadow Brook School  - Lena
Messenger Creek School -   Kelly Lake
Morgan School - Morgan
Mosling School - Underhill
Mountain Graded School - Mountain
Mountain School - Mountain (was Armstrong)
North Branch School  - Oconto Falls North
North Morgan School -   Oconto Falls South
Oak School - Spruce
Oak Orchard School  - Oconto Falls North
Oconto Falls High School- Oconto Falls South
Oconto High School - Oconto East
Pecor School - Oconto
Pensaukee School - Pensaukee
Pershing School  - Lena
Peshtigo Brook School -   Hickory Corners
Rector School - Abrams
Saint Anthonys School - Oconto Falls North
Saint Johns School - Breed
Saint Johns Lutheran School - How
Saint Josephs School - Oconto East
Saint Johns Lutheran School - How
Saint Josephs School - Oconto East
Saint Peters School  - Oconto West
Sobieski School - Little Suamico
South Dakota School - Armstrong (now Mountain)
South Morgan School  - Oconto Falls South
Spring Hill School - Gillett
Spruce School  - Kelly Lake
Statler School - Armstrong (now Mountain)
Stiles School - Lena
Stiles Junction School -   Lena
Sunny Brook School  - Coleman
Sunny Lawn School  - Berry Lake
Sunny Slope School - Oconto Falls North
Sunnyside School  - Pulaski
Sunshine School  - Lena
Tar Dam - Grimmer Armstrong (now Mountain)
Theodore Roosevelt School - Chase
Town Line School  - Breed
Valley Line School -   Gillett
Valley View - Doty School -  Doty
Victory School  - Oconto West
Volk School  - Oconto Falls South
Washington Graded School - Lakewood
Washington Junior High School - Oconto East
Washington Middle School-Oconto Falls South
Waubee Lake School - Lakewood
West Klondike School  - Kelly Lake
West Side School  - Little Suamico