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Mountain Historical Society
of Oconto County, Wisconsin



Mountain Historical Society
P.O. Box 198
Mountain, WI 54149

The Historical Log Cabin and Bridge site is located 1 block south of the intersection of W and 32/64.  You can't miss it.


   The Historical Society meets at the Tabor Lutheran Church
located at 14153 Church Road.

Please click on the small photo for a larger view:

Mountain School C: 1896
contributed by:
John Green

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Inside the cabin, which is be staffed by MHS Members, will be items for sale.  A  reprint of  "Downtown Mountain" for $5.00, coffee mugs, calendars from 2001 to the present @ $10.00, T - Shirts for adults and children with our cabin embroidered on it and pins featuring local buildings and the museum cabin. 

Membership Fees

Individual:  $10.00
Junior:  $5.00
Family:  $12.00
Supporting:  $25.00
Lifetime (age 65 or over):  $100.00

Membership: Due annually - June 1

Membership Entitlements:
Two (or more) Newsletters
Free Admission to the Museum

Please make checks out to the:
Mountain Historical Society

And please provide:
Your Name
City and State, Zip
Phone (optional)

Mountain Historical Society
of Oconto County, Wisconsin
Here We Are!




Site Views
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World War II  Memorial to town of Mountain, Riverview, and Doty  Veterans

The Mountain Historical Society Site is growing!

More recent photos will be posted soon with the horse and sleigh exhibit and the Chute Dam site and history dating back to 1856, which we have been able to put on the National Register!

Society Mission Statement & Goals

The mission statement of the Society is to promote and preserve the heritage of Mountain.  We feel education of the children is very important, as many do not have the option of listening to Grandpa or Grandma tell of their past.  We are looking for any items that can be donated to the Society for use in education. 

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