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Mexican - American War National Guard Roster
1916 - 1917
Company "M"
Second Wisconsin Infantry
Oconto County, Wisconsin

ROSTER OF COMPANY "M" - February 28, 1917

OFFCERS:                                PVTS in CLASS (Cont'd)                 PRIVATES (Cont'd)
Capt William B. Hall                  Caldle, Claude W.                            Kobea, Wiltie
1st Lt. James H. Kampo            Doney, Everett                                 Koeppen, Edward W.
RANKING SERGEANTS:          Eckberg, Eric                                    Lewine, Earl
1st Sgt. Albert C. Pate               Farley, Edgar R.                               Lefave, John
Sup. Sgt. Herman R. Meyers     Farrell, Truman                                McClure, Norman
Mess Sgt. Alfred J. Merline       Germond, Garth                               McGregor, Wayman J.
SERGEANTS:                            Hausner, John                                 McIver, Leslie
Heller, Charles Jr.                     Huget, Joseph                                  Olson, Walter
Heller, William A.                       Krueger, William J.                          Peterson, Henry E.
MacDonald, Ray                         Porter, John                                     Patterson, Grant
Mathewson, Donald A.               Rosenfeldt, William Jr.                     Patterson, Gordon
Meyer, August O                        Royfake, John                                  Roden, Francis M.
Modrow, Herman H.                   Ryan, Edward A.                               Roy, Walter B.
CORPORALS:                            Spice, Wesley                                   Sharpley, Morris
Bartel, Edward A.                       Ward, Kenneth H.                             Sharpley, Sheldon
Biron, Charles                            Zimmerman, Edward                        Saucier, George I.S.
Bortedt, David                             Zimmerman, Henry                         Sorenson, Oscar A.
Hoyt, Lee                                   PRIVATES:                                       Wilbur, Wayne
Lykko, Edward                           Adams, Charles W.                            Williston, Harvey N.
Marek, Fred                               Adams, Henry
Marek, John                              Augustino, Frank
Olson, Joseph                            Baldwin, Wm
Prue, Leonard                            Belongia, Duffy
Sylvester, Roland                       Belongia, Walter
Touchette, Howard                     Belongia, Wesley
COOKS:                                     Bridger, Raymond
Riemer, Albert W.                       Davis, Francis
Topel, Frank                               Davis, Peter
BUGLERS:                                 Finnegan, Francis B.
Baldwin, Charles E.                    Harteau, Clarence B.
Freeborn, Robert D.                    Hyland, Joseph
MECHANIC:                               Hofman. Eugene O.
Minnick, Byron                           Holm, James
PRIVATES 1st CLASS:               Kasaube, Ernest C.
Brown, Floyd F.                           Kinziger, Clarence

2 Officers &  79 Enlisted Men


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