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Military Profiles World War I Page

Military Profiles World War II Page

U. S. Civil War
(1861 - 1865)

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Oconto County Civil War
Veterans' Stories

Edward Scofield

George Lince

Spanish - American War

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Lorenz Borgwardt
age 18

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Spanish-American War Military Page

Wisconsin burgeoning National Guard was called into federal service for the war against Spain, with four infantry regiments and one battery of light artillery(over 4,000 men) answering the call. Only two of those units, the 2nd and 3rd Wisconsin Infantry Regiments, made it overseas before the brief war ended; they saw action in Puerto Rico. Of the 134 Wisconsin men who died during the Spanish-American War, only two were killed in action. The remaining 132 died of disease, most often malaria or typhoid fever, as many of the Badgers were exposed to tropical climates for the first time.


Total Strength of regiment -------1353
Killed in Action------------------2
Died of disease-------------------132
Wounded in Action---------------2


War of 1812
(1812 - 1814)

(Veterans who moved to Oconto County, which was established 1851)

Philippine - American War
(1899 - 1902)

Vietnam War
(1959 - 1975)

David Cross

Persian Gulf War
(1990 - 1991)

War in Afghanistan
(2001 - present)

Iraq War
(2003 - 2011)

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