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Scenes from Oconto County Past.
What is left, or what was left until recently, of the old days.

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Taken 2010
Photos contributed by:

Jill Gondek 

Paper Mill Barn
Oconto Falls

On private property.

Many county ancestors worked in this building or saw it every day on their way to work in the mills.

This building was used to house the draft horses that delivered mill production. It has the "boat" roof which originated in northern Europe and Scandinavia. Legion has it that the boat builders often used their woodcrafting technics to make the curved roofing joists in the same manner that they learned for building the ribs of large wooden ships. An added bonus was that heavy, wet snow slipped off easily, removing the weight from the roof without  climbing up to shovel it off. The outer walls are covered with large glazed tile, also seen on some silos in the area and dates to the early 1900s. The tiles were strong, easy to clean, and have stood for 100 years with recent decades of neglect.

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