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Oconto County, Wisconsin
Mountain Memories
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In those years, and so was the work of the Post Office In 1928 the first rural route was established for the outlying area around the tovn cf Mountain- Mr. Nels Mutt Jensen became the Eirst official mail carrier for the hocne delivery of the U-S- Mail, He traveled throughout the countryside three tiires a week, and in the vinter appeared with a horse and cutter in ordar to uphold the prcnifl to dalivar tha mail in all kinds of weather. That same year Mr. Marinus Jensen passed away, leaving an ever growing and saddened community. His son, Richard Jensen, took on the responsibility left by his father at the Post Office, serving as Postiraster as well as following in his father's footsteps in many other areas Both Marinus and Richard vere active in the local government of the Town, serving as Town Clerics and other offices throughout their lifetimes By the year 1929, the Mountain Post Office served fifty-nine families and the route traveled 22,1 ciiles The folks designating their address as Mountain, Wisconsin had a new stinaster Mr. Bert Piepenburg, Mr. Bert Piepenburg was established in business with his brother Ray at the Ptountain E?tchange Store situated just south along Schley Street, he chose to rent the Jensen * Mr. Dan Cole became a familiar sight in town as he waited for the train vith his daily load of pouches and: packages^ He piled them high on a homemade cart, vhlch made his job a bit easier, and so pulled this heavy load down the road to the Post Office. Youngsters watching his daily endeavors sonetimes wondered what would happen pliE Mr. Cole was ever to tlit a rut in the roadway... vith his cart piled high like that*. And needless to sayj one day he most certainly ditfJ But we don't tell about those things! In 1929 a new mail carrier vas appointed to the route* Mr. Nels Stromberg. Many of our residents today easily recall tha Modal A Ford as It cane bumping along up tha road when he delivered the U.S. hail. In the vintar months mb wife, Zola, drove thi main road dropping Nels off at various points along thia road vhich was plovcdr bo he could then trawl on akis over the unplowed ro^ds. She spent many hours patiently awaiting his return, vith another journey to be made on skis ahead, as he fulfilled his duty of carrying the mail along Route 1. In 1931 route service was made ^vaLlable to homes all six daya o£ the week, vith the added premise tVtft, as soon as ircire roads were improved and maintained, route service would b& offered to iwre of the population living in the Mountain area, At the Post Office, Mr. Joe Miller and then Daniel Olson were to follow in Mr. Dan Cole's enterprise of carting the mail to and frcm the Eepot, until the day came when the Railroad Post Office car of the Chicago & North West Railway no longer carried, sorted^ and delivered the U,S. Mail. While the Postmaster position va& One of Civil Service, it was also partly political at ttiat time, and those who would be appointed were chosen frcm the three highest scores on tha test- They could then as a rul*H find one of their political persuaEiona among the top thrw scorers. In 1934 Mr. Axel Olson became our fifth Ffcelmaster, Mr. Olson vas established in business with his uncle, Martin Olson, and their history in this ar*a Include* logging, a ston* quarry, r»ai estate development in the crocked l&ke a*ea, and the fortnalion o£ a lathe mill "