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Oconto County, Wisconsin
Mountain Memories
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.looking Forward
The 1890's and the early 1900's found this area rich in timber resources with a vibrant populace eager to work with the shining hope of better things to come. The early 1930's found the same area denuded, a burned out shell of its former self with the settlers despondent and discouraged, hanging on to a bare existence, and wondering without hope about tomorrow.
The bare outcroppings of igneous rock, once so visible, are again hidden by forest. Where brush was the king, groves of trees 50 to 90 feet tall now flourish. Springs, once dry, now run as of old. Lumbering is back in a much different form. Tourism has replaced agriculture, fields for cash crops are now zoned recreational.
This is the Mountain we know today. We salute the people of this area who work long hours in providing us with the many necessities of our everyday lives. Whatever the needs, the Mountain Business Establishments w-ill make 'you' the most important customer of the day. Their Ads helped to sponsor this book.
Since 1954 this area has been provided with a Fire Department which was formed by the Town Board of the Town of Armstrong. Today the Mountain Fire Department is made up of 25 men who reside in the Township, the wives forming the Ladies Auxiliary. Bob Vogeltanz is the present Fire Chief, Donald Buhrandt serves as the Secretary - Treasurer, and David Wirth is the Assistant Fire Chief.
In 1970 a small group of concerned and caring citizens joined together in forming an ambulance service to provide medical assistance in an emergency. Their first ambulance was purchased in 1971 and this team of State Certified E.M.T.'s were on call 24 hours a day to serve the northern area of Oconto County; Audrey Waldo, Dolly Ohlfs, Kathy Coleman, Lyle Schaut/ and Lois Trever.
Today a 1984 Ford Mobil Unit, a 74 Dodge, and the Jaws of Life are ready to respond within minutes for the Armstrong, Riverview and Doty Townships and serve as back-up units for the Townsend-Lakewood Ambulance. The present E-M.T.'s are Donna Sperberg, Lois Trever,
Rita Lance, Joan Harris, Mary Cerny, Jeanice Heise, Kelly Sperberg, JoAnn Klinkhammer, and Linda Bowman. Paula and Joseph Wicker and Jamie True will soon join this team of E.M.T..'s. Serving as the drivers are; Milon Lambrecht, Brad Trever, Rob McClain, Bernie Klinkhammer, Jack Sperberg Jr., John Olson, Elroy Heise Jr., and Brian True. Their devotion to the service of a local ambulance has saved many lives and our community is very proud of them.
Plans for a new Town Hall began in the year 1974. On April 12 in 1976 the Town Board held their first meeting at the newly completed meeting place for the people of the Township, and the structure was given the title of 'The Armstrong Community Building'. A baseball diamond, refreshment stand, childrens play center, and the home of the second largest Horseshoe Tournament in the state of Wisconsin are all to be found at the site of the community building.
Plans for a medical clinic also were realized in the year 1974 when the town welcomed Dr. Kenneth L. Strebe M.D. and the Mountain Clinic opened on County W West. Audrey Waldo's smile has always made one 'feel better already1 the minute you walk in, and Linda Bowman, Peggy Missall, Carol Vincent, and Sue Weller work: long days in following the Doctors orders !
Just across the street stands the Mountain Grade School where you'll see Germaine Lazansky and Linda Beaber welcoming the children to the school that has stood the 'test1 since 1905 to be enlarged in 1914. Our teaching staff includes Mrs. Marilyn Seis, William Seis, Dave Nieling, Alice Erdman, Nancy Krueger, LoAnn Elbe, Janet Reed, Doris Flynn, and the Specialized teaching staff in the Early ChiKhood Development Program. Ann Vogeltanz and Phyllis Hatfield cook and serve breakfast and lunch daily. Donald Buhrandt and Bill School are the janitors who follow in Bill Lazansky's shoes by keeping the building looking as good as new. They are now preparing the school for the Centennial Open House which will welcome all to a grand tour over the June weekend of celebration, while the teachers are filling the rooms with the pride of their careers; the best of their students school work.