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Oconto County, Wisconsin
Mountain Memories
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.June 1, 1989
While Steve checks with our Town Chairman Bill Laz-ansky on the finalized route for the Centennial Parade, I'm sitting at the typewriter in order to complete the final page, and quite frankly admit, I don't know when
or where to use comas! This is the end of our Mountain Memories, hopefully someone will be as lucky as I have been to have an uncle like Rusty who will take the time to tell about the town and its people as he did for me.
Daughter Sarah is ready for school so off we go, a quick chat with our school's Principal, Mrs. Seis, finds all plans are in order for the Awards Presentation this afternoon and the Talent Show set for the last day of school tomorrow. The school is always the busiest place in town !
Then I'm off to Judy Buhrandt's, our Town Treasurer, where I'll return the invaluable plot book we borrowed while studying the townships. It is rather worn. We also settle some paper work from the Mountain Cemetery which belongs to the Towns of Riverview, Doty, and Armstrong .
My next stop is at Lois Trever's house to return the old Record Books from the Town. Lois has carried on the tradition of entering the activities of the Town Board into the Record Books since she was first elected to hold thex office of Town Clerk in 1975.
A visit with Rusty to make sure we are ready to go to print on Monday leaves us both a bit teary eyed, our project is now complete.
And how did one ever manage without a telephone? As the celebration fast approaches Brenda Urban calls to tell me there are 45 entrants signed up for the parade, Kirn Wozniak calls, the Mountain Memory Quilt is near to completion, and even Millie Johnson calls clear from California to say they will definitely be home for the Centennial! Millie is the source of 'Tak for Sist', a Swedish phrase meaning 'Thanks for the time this time' or in other words, 'I'll be back for more of your time thank you'.
Time. . -memories. . .days turn into years. Tonight our firstborn son graduates from high school, tomorrow we'll stop amidst the hustle and bustle of the day and say, "Remember when. . ." And so will you.
Tak for Sist - Bette Elbe