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Oconto County, Wisconsin
Mountain Memories
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Tie home of the Post Office vas moved here into Olson & COMpany Store shortly after frrel became the Postjnaster- Currently owned by Joe Baldwin, this store was toilt by Martin Olson in 1912 The U.S. Mail vas received and transmitted at the Store until the year 1937 when Axel, relirirKj frcm the general merchandise business, moved the Post Office cross Schley Street into the vacant Piepenberg Store building and here the Trailing center was to remain for the next 23 years- On the photo/ courtesy of Sharon Pourer, daughter of Nels and Zola Stromberg,. are pictured Hel3; Rural Carrier, Naomi Dunlap, Clerk, and Postmaster Axel Olson in Axel Olson retired From his duties as Postmaster in the year 1957. Mr. Arthur Rafferty became the newly appointed Postmaster that year and in 1960 a new postal facility was built Just a blocfc south on Schley Street.Longtime rural Mail Carri&r, Nels Stromberg retired in 1954 leaving his position to to filled by Mr. Les Forrest. Many youngsters began to 'man their stations at the mailboxes along the route when Leg first journeyed the roads, for he was In the habit of passing out a stick of gumr Les carried the mail for 15 years and retired in 1979- Diane Edlin followed in this position as Rural Mail Csrricr until 1966 when Dolly Ohlfs then began to appear behind the wheel full titne as she delivers the U.S. Mail to all the folks who live along Rural Route 1 of the Mountain Post Office.Mr. Arthur Rafferty retired in 19G7 with Mrs. Bernice Schaal becoming the Acting Postmaster until 1971 vhen she received her Pogtnnater appointmentP During her tenure Liz also served on the Board of Education for the Suring School District as the elncfcod representative of tho Towns of Armstrong, Dotp and Hiver-view for nine ygar*. Liz retired in 1996 and by DstenteriGf that year the Mountain Post Qfricn hqd a riewly appointed Pogtmagter^ Mrs, Mary Ellen Zimmerman - Nelson vho now carries on the tradition of providing this community vith a local mailing center here amidst the rocky mountains at 'Mountain^ Wisconsin 54149" . h -L J * 'This photo of the huge outcropping of rook which all to the town of Mountain on the south along Hwy 32/64 ia courtesy of June Frost - Kuehl. Today Frost Rock is not as visible.