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Oconto County, Wisconsin
Mountain Memories
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When John Emmet Nelligan cane through this area in the full of 1872 following the limber company's read to establish a winter logging camp, there was no ev-Into this wild and virgin forest of mixed conifer-courageous stream of men and weaken who were undaunted by hardship sacrifice, and hard work. In this book you win read about the birth of this that would become Known as Mountain in tha year 1889 delving into the history of the torn, the government, and the lifestyles created by these hearty souls, our ancestors who pioneered this area, had left us with a feeling of deep respect and great admiration. Theirs was a gigantic tack, for by themselves they brought forth a sensible, vibrant, and caring society,and the town ve live in today. The acceptance by the local town leaders of the responsibility to provide for all the needs of the community is the American Story we have so often read about in our history books. It Happened Here.This boon is a compilation of the articles written to appear weekly in the Oconto county Times Herald Newspaper as the Mountain area prepared to celebrate its Centennial Year in 1989. Erhardt Rusty Olson spent many hours 'setting to paper' the history of Mountain as he knew It. His niece, Hrs. Steven Bette Elba, acted as his editor and writing companion in creating the colum known as 'fountain Xeoories', a a column of history and fond memories as he wrote and recalled his days while growing up in the town.Acknowledginents to all who entered in our Centennial Year project with pictures and memories of their own, are listed within these pages. We thank them for joining us to create this boon of memories to be saved in the years to come. Cheryl Jazwiecki and Diane Edlin helped to typeset this book for the printers, a special Than* You goes out to then Erhardt Bust Sandberg Olson at the Sountal torlan of his ' in Mountain In Platteville, Ri 7th Armored Milwaukee took Ruitorn to Axel and Hulda n the year 1917. He went to school Grade School and graduated Validictorian the Union Free High School 1935. After two years of college in ty joined the Army to serve (n the . Working for A.O, Smith in Mil-ay from his hometown until 1979tiretnent years back here in Mountain. Rusty Ruth Elbe in 1941 and they have thres sons. Rusty's mother Hulda is 97 years old this year and delighted in recalling her memories of the tovn of Mountain where she has lived since 1901 when her parents. John and Anna Sandberg, immigrated fron Sweden, tfany of the photos are courtesy of Hulda and her son.