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Oconto County, Wisconsin
Mountain Memories
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This photo, courtesy of Rudolph Saffran. was taken in 1919+ His Uncle Herman, Aunt Martha brother Ernest and Rudy posed infront of his grandfather Adolph Saffran house fot this picture where we can see the Town Fall standing in the background on the site on which it was built in 1393,The Independent Scandanivian Church, built in L90&, can 5lso be seen with the roof line of the first General Store built by H.M. Balwin at its left- The SchoolHouse, buxlt in 19S7 sat just to the right of this scene, for the town of Mountain began in this vicinity. The ceding of th** P^llway bypassed thi^ p^qj-prn jx^rbion ofthe ft in 1H9B^ where once- tho trnil o£ the NorLh Ro^d had carried ntiny ^ settlor into the town of rtountain and tight up to the etornfrnnt of H. M. Baldwin, In theL92Q's, Fred Boetcher, vho then owned the old Baldwin store building, dacidvi to move it to git rare ^uptown1 on the corner whera Ccunty W now cros«eTfiqhway 3?/M, Louis Fonder a^n^t^l tract to nove the building^ a two^atocy fr.jjrn-tur^x approKirrately 30 by 4G feet in size- The paver he used to irKDve theold store was one old white bor5a A capstan w^is anchored in front of the building and the hotrsf3 moved In a circle around the capstan as if rntated on its base. Thehorse, traversing a 25 to 30 foot circle, turned the capstan one re\rolution 20 with each circle It made. The capstan teirig possibly sixty inches In circujnference andthe circle of the horse's route being 90 feet or thereabouts, the paver of 18 horses was developed. The capstan, which ms anchored about flO or 90 feet ahead of thebuilding, allowed the structure to ba noved 40 or 50 feet before it had to be roved ahead and reanchorod. Tracks of planka on either aide of th» building providedthe bed on vhlch voodin rall«« •llowsd the building to roll ahead. Whan the capstan Vttl thua moved ahead, the planks vort than taken frctti the rear and placed infront so the process could be repeated. To cross the town creek, a crib of timbers Vda erected* I remeitiber that it took about four days to move the building fromthe north side of the creek just to the corner where Haase's Tavern now stands. Could you imagine blocking ^ state highway, as did this operation for tvo weeks orbetter? TTio building finally reached its new siter where the canoe raft rental building sits today, and at that time Fred Boetcher made it into a Meat MarKet* He thensold it to Fred Umland and Bob Coleman who after some tims sold it to Joe Foral. One Saturday night the townspeople vere all up at the High School watching htheSaturday Wight Movies' whai sorrconc cams to the door and announcedr Joe Foral Meat Market is on firep It vas near the conclusion of the film, so everyonerushed to the and down the hill to the burning building. of us hidg wondered £or a long time Just how that ingvie ended?!! Movies tf«» then shown In the High School Auditorium as a ojnmuti't.y SVftnt on Saturday nightB+ Tickets vere ir^ tot .iduiLg and S« for children under elxte^n- Ht prnimbiy had th* first 'taiifi*af aa movieswith aound were then called vhen they replaced silent filrafl* One woinan^ who evidently could only read by pronouncing her words out lotid, vould always read thecaptions that accompanied the silent irovicj in & lQudx clear, and precise manner."