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Oconto County, Wisconsin
Mountain Memories
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Though this post card picture was made as a 'prank' with the over lay of the street car coming down Schley Street, the photo does reveal many of the business establishments built along this main road through the townsite of Mountain. The Depot can be seen to the left of the 'street car1, and to the right is the sawmill of B.W. Goggins. A.C. Frost's Hotel, and the store built by Ernest Sauld stands on the west side.  The building in the foreground was once a hotel owned by Frank Boetcher, but is no longer standing today. Hidden behind this hotel is the building of Marinus Jensen's which was,built by them by the year 1900.
Christ Jorgansen would operate a blacksmith shop on this main street in the coming years, and Sever Anderson purchased the store of Pendleton S, Gilkey hiring Herbert Baldwin to operate his acquired business enterprise. Herbert purchased the store in 1908 from Sever, and soon hired Thomas Rasmussen as his store Clerk.
There were three saloons operating in Mountain.
Matt Savage purchased the Hotel that had been built by A.C. Frost and either remodeled the building, or totally replaced the structure to face north instead of onto Schley Street. Swen Olson's Saloon was built to the north on the opposite of Schley Street where it is said the Swedes gathered while the Irish, Germans, and the Poles met at Matt Savage's Pioneer Saloon. There was a third saloon owned by a man by the name of Buck-ley and stood further north in the townsite.
Some of the citizens raised quite a stir when liquor was first allowed to be sold in the Town of Armstrong in 1904. The Town Records reveal the votes taken 'for' and 'against1 the sale of these tonics, but the $100 fee in obtaining the right to sell liquor may have been the deciding factor.
To later become a landmark in Mountain known as the Nicolet Hotel, this business establishment was owned and operated by many Mountain settlers before it was lost to fire in winter of 1980.  At the time this picture was taken, courtesy of Norman Alien, Matt Savage was the current owner followed by George Farlinger, Cady and Elkey, Thorvald Olson, Ole Madsen, Mutt Jensen, George Bucher & Earl Hughes, Frank Grindie, Jiggs Chol-oski, Benny Lund, Nels Jensen, Wayne Trudell, and Ray Anderson.  The Town pump located out front of this establishment is well remembered by this community.