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Oconto County, Wisconsin
Mountain Memories
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Sub-District N'o: 1
Armstrong,   Oconto   Co..   Wisconsin
Compliments _of DAISY  R.   HUDSON, Teacher
Nellie   \Vriglit George   \\"rigln Lucille Grimmer Helen   Krzyzaniak Clara   Wight Clara Krzyzaniak Irene   W right .Anna  Krzyzanuik Arnold   Churcli
.Myrtle Way Stella   Church   ' Tillie   Krzyzitntak Hurry Church Macy   Krzyzaiiiak Ethel  Warner Olaf   Nelson Harold  Warner Ada Way
Thomas  VVright Chn'stene \ehon
Elden   Church
School Board Harry  Baldwin, Clerk-Leu   Knutson,   President
Merinus Jenson,  Treasurer

It is also interesting to note that many of the children spoke hardly a word of English when they first started school, for they spoke in the native tongue of their parents' homeland. Many of them were not familiarized with English until school age and having no bi-lingual teachers made matters even more difficult for them. By trial and error they all eventually mastered their English, and probably helped to teach their parents this new way of speaking as well.
This is a Souvenir compliments of Miss Florence Mc-Kenney who taught at the Mountain School before she became Mrs. Herbert Baldwin.
Mountain School.
District No.  i. Armstrong1, Oconto Co.,  Wis.

Opened. Jfug. 4,1396.     Closed 3uly, if
MOTTO:—   What is worth doing is worth doing well
Eddie Saffran. Eunice Baldwin, Nellie Anderson, Martin Frost. Maurice Kelsey, Johaiina Anderson, Sadie punlap. Georgia Baldwin. Roy Gilkey. Mary Bartx. Allie McAllan. Andrew Frost, Harry Hines, Vertne Frve. Annie Olson. Mary Peterson, Marinus Jenson, Dora Florence Cole, Herbie Elkey. Ralf Day. Henry McAllan, Lym »n Kelsey. Logan Hines. Robbie Frye. Anna Mine. Emma Newton, Walter Saffran, Clarence Kelsey, Laura Frye. Waller Am'ersoii, Carrie Miller. Sadie English. Ella Kehey. Mary Frost, Georgie Elkey.
Harry Bartz, Adolph Shepard. Grade Bunten, Clara Bartz. Henry Newton, Edna'C'.ilkey. Clara McGregor. Gracie Shepard, Walter Dtinlap. Edith Cole. Mettie Frost. Tillie Olson, Louis Jenson. .   James Peterson. Hnlda Saffran. Fred Dunlap. Thomas Peterson. Nora Jenson. George Dunlap. Aniel Anderson. Otto Bartz. Benton Kelsev, Ella Miller, Kdson Breed. Mabel Newton. Arthur Anderson. Julia Gauthier. Eva Gilkey. Alice Kel.cey, .limmie English. Christian Jenson. Frank Gauthier. Emma Frost. Ethel Elkey. Clyde Day.y Irene Ramsdell. Gordon. .      s
Board of Education.