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Oconto County, Wisconsin
Mountain Memories
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Her delightful story continued to tell of how folks who came to the town, from then onr would always ask the locals Where's the Mountain?! - Folks are still asking us today stout the mountain in Mountain, and though we donht know exactly where to direct them, there are many huge outcropping^ of rock where one can stand and see for iriilast We often remind ourselves of the phrase coined by Emily Dunlap years aqo, Once you've be*n to Mountain, you'll always come back, so we know we'll be seeing those garfic visitors again to search for that mountain, taut In the meantime they will enjoy the scenery, the quUt and the beauty of this area that we are eo fortunate to call 'hone1 the year 'round. In our Centennial Year of 1989 we believe if Mr McAllen and Mr. Bartz. were able to see oar still standing proudly amidst thes^ ancient rook formations^ they would agree that the naine 'fountain1 was wisely chosen* Mountain, Wisconsin Before the service of a local mailing center carra to this area, the only rreans of coranunication involved traveling a long day's journey over the rough and rugged trails of the lumter companies into these northern lands. This settlement too* on a completely new atmosphere vith the arrival of a Post Office, for now the settlers were given their first easy means of contacting the outside world, and even their neighbors! Old postcards vith written nesaages Qf Doing fine here, I should fce hone within tha week.11, meant saving days of trawl the sender and many hours of worry tor the recipient. News of the nation and the world, and long hap^ fcr vords frocn hyn* were now arriving on the weekly coach » it pulled up to 1The first Stopping pil the site of the first Post Office for the community in 1889- Tha Post Office vaa the center of activity in those days when mail order catalogs served as an invitation to the world outside of Mountain* The stagecoach brought the frail froth Gillett with stops along the way of the Worth Branch Poad. * Post Office established in Breed by George M. Breed in 1SB6 1J teen the closest mailing center prior to this time, 6 by Eeceinbsr of 1889 another postal center was to be established by Daniel Cole just to the east of Breed, known as Logan Wisconsin. A,C, Frost served as fountain's first Postmaster and continued in that position until the year 1994-During his tenure he was also a genuine mover in establishing the Town of Armstrong. When A-C- Frost first roved here with his family from Frostvillej thia area was a part of the Ttown of How- In 1B9I this new l^vnshtp was formed to consist of nine ranges of land comprising the present day Townships of Doty, Riverview, Lalffiwocd, Townaend^ and the present day ranges Qf Annatrong. On April ~Jf 1S91 A.. C. Frost waa elected Chairman of this newly formed Township* Hie activities in and around Mountain were varied, construe Live, and beneficial to the birth o£ this settlement Ho longer standing, 'The First Stopping Placa1 tecame the official Pcflt Office for the bown of Mountain on November 21, iflfl^. The front of the hotel faced east onto the North Branch Road and was situated on the present lot occupied by Haase's Tavern. The photo is courtesy of Bill Ballering