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Oconto County, Wisconsin
Mountain Memories
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.town which was then called the Fairmont Creamery Company. The Blacksmith Shop formerly operated by Christ Jensen was now owned by a Mr. Rabideau.
This photo, courtesy of Viola & Gladys Rasmussen, was taken around the year 1934 when their father, Thomas, built the addition onto the original structure which he had purchased from Herbert Baldwin in 1924.
Thomas Rasmussen came, to Mountain in 1903 finding employment in the sawmill of B.W. Goggins for a few years before building his Barber Shop next door to H.M. Baldwin's General Store and Post Office. Thomas married in 1905 and chose Tillie Olson as his bride. Some years later Thomas's brother Martin, who came to this area in pursuit of his trade in the logging industry, then met Annie Olson, Tillie's younger sister, and so they married. Anna and P.A. Olson, early settlers to this area now had 2 fine son-in-laws!
While Martin worked in the lumbering industry, Thomas continued to operate his Barber Shop and also clerked in Herbert Baldwin's store. Thomas sold insurance policies to the Town and its citizens, and would, in 1924 purchase the store from Herbert.
The Thomas Rasmussen General Merchandise Store was sold to Alvin and Eva Coleman in 1945 to be kept in the family when their son Harvey purchased the store in 1962. Harvey and Kathy Coleman retired from Coleman's Store in 1973 and sold their business establishment to Leonard and Mary Jazwiecki. Their daughter Cheryl is now the present manager of 'The Mountain Corner Store' in 1989.
68     '
Federal and State Census
Mr. Bob French, a grandson to the towns first doctor in residence, Dr. S. French, was very helpful to us in locating the copies of the Federal and State population counts in the years 1885, 1895, 1900, and 1905.
According to these statistics we were able to take a much closer view of the early settlers to the Mountain area and to the entire Town of Armstrong.
The State of Wisconsin Census was taken by Robert Grignon when the Town of Armstrong was still a part of the Town of How in 1885. On those records we found the names of Thomas McAllen and Henry Raby, these names being familiar to the early settlement of this area.
In 1895 the census for the State was taken by H.M. Baldwin, who was then the Town Clerk for the Town of Armstrong, and his statistics prove a rapidly growing settlement of people in these northern townships. His count lists 37 families in residence with a total population rising to 159 .
The 1900 Federal Census reveals a further rise in the population with 94 families in residence. A total count of the men, women, and children living in the Town of Armstrong then rose to 482. T;
The 1905 State Census was taken by William Strom-berg in which we found that 112 families were then residing here, with a total population count of 614.
New Settlers to the Mountain Area
From the early 1900's to the 1920's there was quite an influx of settlers. From the Census count that was taken in 1905 along with many hours of study in the old plot books of this area, we are able to list and 'place' these new settlers as they now arrived to the Mountain area.
Joe Belongia and several of his sons came to settle the lands south of the town while Albert and Fred Bach-man chose to settle with their families on lands east of town near the Waupee River and Bear Paw and Nelli-gan Lake.
Quite a number of settlers located in what was to become the Town of Riverview by 1922. Carl Much purchased McConley's Resort on Crooked Lake and Phil, Martin, Mike, and Sam Wanner settled in the vicinity