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Oconto County, Wisconsin
Mountain Memories
Pages 70 - 71

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.of the North Branch of the Oconto River north of the town of Mountain along with Nels Nelson, Ike Davis, Edward and Henry Church, Ernest Davis, John Bloomer, John Boyza, Tony Kryzanek, Charles Coll ins, Floyd and George Hurning, Herman Schmidt, Reynold Lambrecht, and the McCartney family.
George Schwab, Anders Olson, and Olaf Velton settled about 3 miles northwest of Crooked Lake, while Albert and Henry Zitske put their roots down far to the west of the town, settling in the Boulder Lake are which became the Town of Doty in 1922.
Henry Otto, Adolph Markusen, Andrew Anderson, Walter Jameson, Jim Popelka, Adam Choynacki, and Jack Strick-ler were the new settlers in the Holt Spur School District north of Mountain. Hal Hamlin, August Klingbeil, Walter Cooley, Sid Fergusen, Jess and Ray Perkins, Leo D'Angelo, John Klementz, and John Olson settled the lands in the area of the O'Brien Potato Farms of today.
Max Mack, Henry Gagnon, Ervin Wilson, Adolph Mazna, and Alfred Larson were the settlers living west of the town of Mountain and Hans Larson/ Allie Begota, Pete Johnson, Harry Troutman, and the Melum family now set> tled north of the townsite.
New settlers in the Kingston School Districts to the south of town were Mike Lowery, Charles Bauerfe-ind, Bill Fosick, and Fred Willis. To the east of the area came the families of Louis. Stone and Ken Farrar to settle in the region called the South Dakota Plains. George Marsh, Herman Mueller and John Wener settled near Green Lake where a park opened to the public in 1922 and remains today a popular place for the folks in town to enjoy a day at the lake.
Guy Gibson purchased the Sever Anderson farm next to the Mountain School, and others settling in the Mountain area were Charles Bowman, Glen Munson, Paul Nast, Louis Fonder, Fred Haugen, Lorin and Ervin Str-oud, and Harvey Longaard.
Among the settlers coming to this area during the 1900 's to the 1920's was a man named Henry Alien to settle here in 1912. Puchasing the Pioneer Saloon from Matt Savage, Mr. Alien enlarged the Saloon, a grand structure to be named the Bl~ue Mountain House.
ft* 70
This photo, courtesy of Bill Ballering, finds the. Bl-ue Mountain House near completion. To later become known as the Blue Mountain Hotel when under the proprietorship of Harry Pues, Alfred and Ida Haase would purchase this establishment and twin daughters, Lavern and Fern have kept it in the families name ever since 1936. This lot in the town was once the site of "The First Stopping Place1 and so carries much of the town of Mountain's history.
The Mountain Corner Store as seen on the above picture was then probably owned by Herbert Baldwin. The residence of Dr. French can be seen near the Depot and hidden from view is Swen Olson's Saloon. Note the cows near H.M. Baldwin's Store; they had the honor of pasturing at will !
During this era in our history there was a Bachelors Tax in effect throughout the Town of Armstrong. This law on the record books stated that all unmarried men were to pay $5 per year if they were over 21 years of age. This money was used to provide for sick babies and their mothers and old maids unable to work. Any delinquent bachelor seen escorting any maiden or old