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Oconto County, Wisconsin
Mountain Memories
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.cans who lived in small towns all across the nation. Mountain was one of these towns. For weeks in advance of the event, banners studded trees, posts, and shop windows. A typical show included many musical numbers, special story tellings, readings, and of course a rousing band! An inspirational speaker closed this evening of talent, the show never having a dull moment.
Picnics were also a main part of the summer fun held at Green lake. Still today you'll find many Mountain folk enjoying the beauty of this scenic spot while the children cool themselves in the lake.
Rusty recalled his memories of the occasions which were celebrated in the town, and even though a few of them had not exactly been planned by the Town leaders, they turned out to be memories that were not to be soon forgotten!
One Fourth of July morning the town was rudely awakened by some young fellows who probably had started celebrating the night before. They lit a charge of dynamite, 50 pounds of the stuff, right in the town square near the Blue Mountain House. They not only awakened the whole town, but blew out windows for quite some distance around! The crater left from the blast was about 10 feet across, but the perpatrators of this prank were long gone and never apprehended!
One year on Halloween when horse and buggy still outnumbered automobiles, a group of young men with the help of a team of horses, went out about the countryside and gathered up farm wagons from the various farms. Through the night they labored, hauling these wagons into town, leaving them to line up in a row down the main road of town! Only a break in the line was to be found where the railroad tracks crossed and you can imagine the surprise waiting to be seen come the next morning! Quite a Trick or Treat for those farmers who had no idea 'where their wagons had gone?!'
Another occasion that was held with no previous planning was the time when Marinus Jensen and Harry Pues dogs broke into Mrs. Adolph Saffran's chicken coop and killed 30 or more of her hens. I suppose today they would be sued, but being neighbors, they paid Mrs. Saf-fran for her loss, plucked and cleaned the birds, and proceeded to cook up a big booyah. They invited every-
one for "free chicken booyah1 and a good time was had
by all!
The Modern Woodman and the Royal Neighbors, two fraternal organizations, used to sponsor a Labor Day Celebration when I was a lad. The main feature was a baseball game played by the Town Team, three legged races, bag races, catching a greased pig, and climbing a greased pole. The ladies served Chicken Booyah in the Town Hall from its location now more central to the town, but this annual celebration came to an end as a casualty to the great depression.
Every year there was a Circus that came to to town. They set up the Big Tent on the ball diamond where the County Shed is located today, and they usually stayed for 3 or 4 days. The young boys quickly gathered 'round to help, because then we would get a free ticket for one of the shows. Our assigned jobs would be to lead the horses to water, haul the tent pegs, or whatever we had to do in order to prove ourselves 'useful'. One year Harry Pues and I got to carry water to the elephant, a big thrill indeed !
Thorvald Olson had a dance hall at Crooked Lake called 'The Diamonds' and every Fourth of July he had a big band play there, twice he had a band from the WLS Barn Dance of Chicago. In the evening as the sun was just setting, Thorvald loaded a big barrel of tar onto an old boat to tow out onto the lake. He then set this barrel on fire to become the grand 'Fireworks' for the Fourth of July Finale!
There were three car dealerships in Mountain at one time in our history. Kerry Edmark had an Oldsmobile franchise, Marinus Jensen and Overland Whippet dealership, and Kurtz and Myers were Durant Motors dealers during the 20's. I remember when my father bought a new 'Star' car from Kurtz and Myers.
Browne and McDonald were horse dealers, stabling the horses in the barn of Henry Alien's. They brought the horses in from the west by rail in those days.
Hank Stoehr came to Mountain in the early 30's and operated a butcher shop in the hotel building that at one time stood about  where Menting's Station is located today. His wife operated a beauty shop in the home presently owned by Vivian Chickering .