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Oconto County, Wisconsin
Mountain Memories
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On October 24, in the year LB94, Mr. H..M. Baldwin Postmaster Cor thtf cc*rpiuni.ty. He moved the location of tfte U.S- ttoil headquarters to a general store he bad built south of hThe First Stopping Place' On land that is now on the southwest border of the Mountain Cemetery The trail OE the North Branch Road passed dirnctly in front of his stora which boasted of •Can^ Supplies of All Kinds' - Mr. Baldwin was a veteran merchant from the town of Maple Valley where he met hiavifflp Olena,With the coming of the railway in 1096, Mr Baldwin Constructed a more efficient store nearer to the of the Depot. On September 16P 1897, he then applied to the Postal Department for the new site of the? Post Office to be centered in Ms building standing ]5Q feot west of the Depot and the Wisconsin Northern a new center of activity for the Mr. H. M. Baldwin served as Postmaster from this site until the year 1912+ He donated the land on vhich the Independent Scandinavian Church was to te built in lWBr he was actively involved in community and school affairs, and aerved as the first Clerk to be elected for the Town of Armstrong in 1891. Mr, H. M. Baldwin passed away in the year 1912, leaving behind a corrounity that will alvaya remember him with respect and gratitude, for he truly made 'Mountain1 a fine place to live* Mr. Marinus Jensen became our third Postmaster In 1912, choosing to rove the headquarters for the U-S. Mail into his establishment built on the east aide of the railway* Through the years his store front of a Variety Store and Bakery and in 191*1 brcame the Telephone Exchange Headquarters for the area. The store built by H. M. Baldwin, the Barter Shop built by Thomas Rasmussen and the Fishenrans Hotel Tee Cream Parlor of Bill Carlson were built to stand on the line of the railway. The Gold Medal advertise-mant on the south side of our present day Milky W&y Tavern is still there to advertise the general goods within 1 This photo, courtesy of Norman Allen, is dated Parade vhich was held at the close of WW I, by the The Post OECic V_J in this building on the east eide of ictiley Street uttLil the year when the entire structure was moved to the vest of the street to make space for a new enterprise of the Jensen family, a gas station? Times were changing