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Oconto County, Wisconsin
Mountain Memories
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.hit Rich in the middle of the back ! Mountain's team, erupting as one man unto the playing filed, started to argue with the pitcher for hitting Rich, and within a minute Wabeno's team ran in from their positions and a 'free-for-all' ensued.
The crowd swarmed onto the field and eight to ten fist fights started. Wabeno had probably 25 supporters who had followed their team, but they were no match for the home crowd, which probably numbered close to 100 !
When the free-for-all finally ended the Wabeno team was in no shape to have their picture taken by their photographer, and so this enterprising young fellow made a deal with the Mountain boys. . .Swen Bowman, Billy Bartz, Miles Hurning, Sigurd Sandberg, Bernard Seward, Mutt Jensen, Ray Peipenberg, Paddy Larson, Sparky Coleman, Rich Jensen, Buckley Dunlap, Bob Cole-man, Jack Marsh, and the teams Manager, Norman Kurtz all proudly posed for the photographer that day when the only picture ever made of the Mountain Baseball Team, was so taken in the year 1926.
The Mountain Team played in the Milwaukee Sentinel Tournament in 1938 to win 2 games out of the 3 games played. Managed by Raymond Larson that year, the team members were Gordon Thompson, Edmund Jensen, Hack Wilson, Rudolph Saffran, Jack Marsh, Harold Lambrecht, Billy Bartz, Eugene Belongia, Harold Johnson, Everette Jensen, Ellis Saffran, C. Backer, Glen Belong, and Al-vin Sandberg.
December 7, 1941
Our nation declared war against Japan the day after Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japanese forces, and suddenly the years of World War II were upon us.
133 young men and women from the Mountain area were to leave their homes and families behind during the course of the war which took 12 young lifes from this small community.
On October 8 in 1944 the entire community gathered together for the Dedication Service held at the site where the Mountain Honor Roll was then unveiled and would stand for the duration of World War II. As Mrs. Alvin 'Eva' Coleman, President of the Ladies Auxiliary, unveiled this Tribute created for those then serving
in the Military Forces of our nation, 127 names were so honored. Rev. N. Martin and Rev. E. Ocwieja then led the service in prayer while those from the Towns of Armstrong, Riverview, and Doty gathered to read the names of their sons, daughters, and friends who were far from home.
When World War II came to an end in 1945 the Honor Roll had grown to a list of 133 names and would stand near the Depot along Highway 32 until these men and women then returned to their families. We only wish all of them could have been happily reunited when the peace they fought for was to be attained. On the list were the names of these men who gave their lives during the war: Lynn Elliot Dunlap, George B. Jameson, Albert Zitske Jr., Lyle B. Frost, Delbert L. Bartz, George Klover, Richard Sandberg, Kenneth Nelson, Floyd Lazansky, Leslie McAllen, Dale Hatfield, and Harvey Longaard. These boys, who became men when they left their homeland to fight on foreign soil, are now inscribed in memory forever.
The Honor Roll was designed and created by Oscar Maes as a Tribute to the men and women from the^ Towns of Armstrong, Doty, and Riverview who were now in the Military Forces of America.