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Here you will find a collection of unidentified old Oconto County photographs. The contributors have posted them with the hope that those visiting will be able to identify the people, places and times. Any information found on these photos has been printed beneath to help make a connection.
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Can You Help Identify These Photos?
Please email:
I have 2 pictures that I would like to identify. I believe they were taken in Oconto County, Wisconsin. I received them from the Sieckman/Pederson/Olson families of the Maple Valley, Oconto County, Wisconsin area. Please see the above pictures. Any information would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you,
Deborah Sieckman

I found the photo in the museum in Escanaba, quite by accident.  The man who is on your left hand side in the front of the picture, with the hat on.  I am almost positive he is a Payette ? or Boisvert??  This man is identical to my father ... so much so, it is scary, but I know it is not my father because of the time.  I would like to know who this is and the time line.  My great grandfather Felix Payette was a lumberjack and he had many sons, so it could be one of them? or my great grandmother was Clara Boisvert? could it be a Boisvert?

contributed by: Denise Fay

FOUND: The two on the left have been identified.  They are Molly and Emil Brachdorf.  The second one from the right, according to a relative, is not Emma Klinger Daft

The couple is Leo Mantai and Olga Mann.

The man on the far right we are 99.9 percent sure it is Gottlieb Daft.  The lady to his left may be his wife, Emma Klinger.  Gottlieb daft signed as witness on Leo and Olga's marriage certificate dated October 18, 1915 at Oconto Falls, Wis.
The other witness on that marriage cert for Olga and Leo, is Emil Bujack or Biyack or something close to that.  Real faded.
Don't know the couple on the left..
contibuted by: Richard LaBrosse

One of two photographs recovered from an estate (place unlnown) this appears to be the younger of two unidentified Oconto County sisters. The dresses are similar in design and date to the late 1800's. The back is embossed with "WILCOX Studio, Fine Art Galery
Oconto, Wisconsin". Hoping to identify this beautiful young woman and reunite her with her family. Only postage requested.
contibuted by: RITA

One of two photographs recovered from an estate (place unlnown) this appears to be the older of two unidentified Oconto County sisters. The back is embossed with "WILCOX Studio, Fine Art Galery
Oconto, Wisconsin". Hoping to identify this beautiful young woman and reunite her with her family.Only postage requested.
contibuted by: RITA

I purchased this picture from a local antique store.  It is of an unidentified woman taken in OCONTO, WI. 
Photographer:  M.C. BEVERAGE, Fine Art Gallery, Dealer in  Frames, Albums, etc.  T.A. Ridgeway, Operator.
  Hopefully, someone will recognize her.
   I do not wish to have any money for the picture, other than postage to mail it to rightful owner.  Thanks, Kathy.
contibuted by: Kathryn Berg

FOUND: Anna (Gilmartin) Flatley (1831-1905) who was married to William E. Flatley, both of Oconto Falls, Wis.
Portrate of a lady that was in the attic box.  On the back of this large painting on cardboard is,
Grandma Flatley - Anna Flatley 
Margaret Amis Becker
Maybe somebody will recognize her and then we will know which person she is, Anna Flatley or Margaret Becker.
contibuted by: Richard LaBrosse


The lone man is a complete unknown, but may be from the area.

Contributed by: Gail Zielke

The older woman on the left is Angelique Houle Jarvey.  The boy may be her son, Michael Jarvey Jr. The woman with the "X"  above her head may be Mary Forcier.  Any help with the boy & woman is appreciated. 
Contributed by: Gail Zielke

May be William Henry Gervais/Jarvey & Eliza Benkey & children.
FOUND: Joseph Jarvey Sr. & his second wife Mary Blackmore Jarvey.  The oldest daughter may be Mamie Jarvey – daughter from Joseph’s first wife, Mary Forcia.

Contributed by: Gail Zielke

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