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of terms, and has been its chairman for the past three years. Mr. Royce was married in 1863, to Miss Aurelia Peabody, of Green Bay, Wis. His second wife was a Miss Elizabeth Chryster, a native of North Hector, Schuyler Co., N.Y., whom he married in 1869. They have three children. 

FRANK RUELLE, saloon, Oconto, born March 24. 1827, in Belgium. Came to Green Bay in 1855, the following year he came to Oconto, worked in the mills till 186o. he then was appointed jail Keeper, had thisoffice about eighteen months. He enlisted in 1861, Co. G. 17th Wis. Inf., served about one year, was discharged on account of physical disability, returned to Oconto and again worked in the mill about two years. In 1865, he opened this saloon. He has been Village Trustee six years, he has been Alderman the past seven years - Republican. 

FRED SCHEDLER, proprietor of Funk's hotel, Oconto, is a native of Prussia. In 1863, came to Watertown, Wis., there attended school. In the Fall of 1864, he came to Oconto and engaged as clerk for Mr. E. Funk, at this hotel, continued in this capacity till 1872, when he rented the property which he has since run. Married in 1872, to Amelia Liese; she was born in Prussia. They have three children - two sons and one daughter. 

JOSEPH SEDMIHRADSKY, engineer at Holt & Balcom mill, Oconto, is a native of Bohemia. Came to America in 186o, and located Baltimore. In 1865, came to Manitowoc and settled at Two Creeks,was there and at other places up to 1873, when he came to Oconto, has been with this company since. 

F. G. SHANABROOK, head filer at Eldred & Son's mill, Oconto, was born in Williamsport, Penn.; came to this city in 1873; has been in the employ of this firm since he attended college at Gettysburg and studied for the ministry. When the war broke out, he enlisted, April 24. 1861, at Lock Haven, in the Rifle Guards, which afterward became Co. D, 7th Reg. Penn. Vol. Reserve; was in the service nearly one year after the close of the war. He carries several scars which he received in battle. 

D. SHARROW, proprietor of the American House, corner of Mc Donald and State road, Oconto, is a native of Detroit, Mich.; came to Oconto in 1857; established his present business August, 1878. 

JOHN SHERIDAN, dealer in hardware, stoves, and farm implements, Oconto, is a native of Canada West; came to Oconto in 1873, and engaged in lumbering up to the Fall of 1878, when he established his present business. He was in the Government service for about two years during the war. In the Spring of 1881, he was elected Alderman Trom the North Ward. 

PETER SHUFELT, foreman Oconto Saw Mill, is a native of Steuben Co., N. Y. When a boy he commenced working in a saw-mill, which he has since followed. In 1857, he came to Green Bay, Wis.; there he was employed at filing gang-saws, remaining there about one year; then removed to Stiles, where he was employed as foreman for Eldred & Balcom; remained in their employ four years. In 1861, he came to Oconto, and has since then been foreman of the saw-mill of the Oconto Company. 

WILLIAM K. SMITH, firm of Farnsworth & Smith, bankers, Oconto.

JOHN SIMON, miller for Oconto Company; born Jan. 12, 1853, in Denmark; came to Escanaba in 1870; worked for the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad about five years. He then came to Oconto, and has had charge of the Oconto flour-mills since then, he having learned this business in Denmark with his father, who was also a miller; worked at this trade till he came to America. Married,in 1879,to Sophia Stone. She is a native of Norway; came to America when a child. 

THOMAS SIMPSON, lumber, Ocanto, is a native of New Bruns- wick -, came to Oconto in 1862, and has always followed the lumber business. He has been Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, and Clerk of the School Board. 

JACOB SPIES, manufacturer of lumber and dealer in general merchandise, Oconto. Is a native of Prussia. In 1849, came with his parents to Oshkosh, Wis. In 1856, he removed to Winneconne, Winnebago Co.; there started a meat market, which he has since followed. In the Fall of  1859, he came to Oconto, continuing this business.

Commenced the manufacture of lumber in 1870. His mill has a capacity of five or six millions a year. Since coming to Oconto, he has been engaged in merchandising; enlarged his store in 1880. 

JOHN STRACK, saloon, Oconto. Is a native of Prussia. Born April 18, 1821. Came to

P. H. SWIFT, editorand manager of the Oconee County Reporter, was born in Topsham, Orange Co., Vt.,  Dec.  28,  1844.  His  parents  Henry   S.   and Diana  C. Swift,  came,  with  their  family,  to  Edgerton,  Rock Co.,  in  1853.  Young Swift  received  his  education  at  the  Academy  and  Teachers' Seminary,  in  Albion,  Dane  Co. He  did not complete  his  course,  however,  for >his  blood   was  so  fired  at  the  firing upon  Ft.  Sumter,  that  he, with  about thirty  of  his  friends,  said  good-bye  to school-days  and  joined  the army.   Young  Swift,  then  in  his  eighteenth  year, enlisted  in  Co.  C,  11 Wis., V. I.,  in  June,  1861,  serving  in  the  armies  of    like     Missouri,      Tennessee, Trans-Mississippi ,  and the  Gulf.   From  the  ranks  he  was  promoted,  by regular  gradations,  to  the  captaincy,  receiving  his commission August,  1863. He  was  wounded  at  the battle of  Tupelo,  in  July  1864,  and  received  an honorable  discharge  from  the  service  in  the 


Winter  of the same year. Mr. Swift next studied law with Bennett Norcross, of Janesville, being admitted to the Bar in June 1867. In the practice of his profession he remained one year in Waseca, and some years at Beaver Falls, Minn.In 1870 the St. Peter district returned  him to the Legislature. Two years later he was appointed supply clerk for the Calumet & Hecla Mining Co., Michigan corporation. In December of 1878, Swift commensed his newspaper life, at Clinton, Wis., by the publication of the Rock County Republican. In October, 1880& he located in Oconto and established the Oconto Republican, which was merged into the Reporter in July, 1881. Mr. Swift is a Mason, a member of the Temple of Honor, and a& strong Republican. Although comparatively a new comer, he has both established himself and his paper in the confidence of  the Oconto public.

S. B. TALLMADGE, dealer in  fruit., candies nuts, etc. Is  a native  of New York State, and came to Oconto in 1869.  He  established his present  business  in 1883.

WILLIAM TAYLOR, farmer. Little River, Township, P. 0. Oconto. Is a native of Canada. Came to Oconto in  1867;  worked there at the lumber trade for four or five years; since then he has been engaged in farming he owns a farm of eighty acres. He is Treasurer of the School Board. Married in 1872,  to Sarah Ann Brockett; she was born in Wisconsin. They  have two sons and two daughters. 

H. THIELE,  merchant tailor and dealer in ready-made clothing. 0conto. Was born in Prussia. Came to Milwaukee in 1867, and to Oconto in 1879,  when he established his present  business. Upon arriving in Oconto, his means were small, and by close application to business and economy,  he has built up a good trade and carries a nice stock of goods in his line; his sales amount to from six to ten thousand dollars a  year. 

MICHAEL VOY,  river overseer, Oconto,is a native of Ireland, came to New York with his parents in 1834. In 1847, they came to Grand Rzapids, Michigan; a short time, and removed to Milwaukee