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waterpower mill, and of  late the place seems to have been regaining some of its earlier activity. 

Oconto Falls does a moderate amount  of general business. Henry, son of John Volk, one of its early settlers, operates a small mill.

A considerable settlement is growing up in Gillett and some of the other towns, but the above are those of any considerable importance.


HIRAM ALLEN, farmer, Brookside, born at Summer Hill, Cayuga Co., N. Y., in the year 1822. Went to Port Dalhousie, Canada, at the age of fourteen. Worked at farming two years and drove team on Welland Canal eight years. Then went to Ohio and followed sailing for eight or nine years. Married in 1848 Harriet E. Brooks, daughter of Samuel Brooks, of 0hio. Their happy union has been blessed with two sons and two daughters. Curtis and Cora E. are now living. Louise died three year after her marriage. Son died quite young. Came to Pensaukee, Oconto County, in the year 1854, and engaged in employ of F. B. Gardner, for a short time. Followed lumbering for several years. In 1863 he turned his attention to farming, which he has continued to do up to the present time.

ENOC W. BARKER, farmer, Brookside, born in Fryeburg, Oxford Co., Me., in 1820. Went to Lowell, Mass., in 1840, and remained there until 1856, engaged in superintending the building of factories and canals. Came to Wisconsin in 1856, and located at Pensaukee on Section 16, Township 27, Range 21; after three years moved on Section 20, and cleared a farm of about 125 acres, and also engaged quite largely in lumbering. Elected Chairman of Town Supervisors in 1858; served three successive years. Held the office of Superintendent of Schools for three years, and filled the office of Chairman of Supervisors again for four years, and Justice of the Peace six years, and held other offices of public trust up to the present time. Married Edna J. Chandler, daughter of Joel Chandler, of Hopkinton, N. H., in 1842. Had four children, two boys and two girls - Francis Edward, Edison W. B., Edna C. and Emma E. All died at an early age. 

JOHN I. BOVEE, merchant, Brookside, a native of Waukesha Co., Wis. Came to Brookside, town of Pensaukee, Oconto County, in the year 1868; taught school one year. Engaged clerking for two years for F. B. Gardner, lumber manufacturer. Then went into employ of G. W. Delano, of Brookside, in the mercantile business; continued with him two years. Then he purchased his interest and has continued to carry on the same business until the present time. In February, 1881, he took his brother Eugene in as partner, and the firm is now known as Bovee Bros. They deal quite extensively in the cedar post business. John I. Bovee enlisted Aug. 5, 1862; served until March 4, 1865. Fourteen and a half months of this time was prisoner of war (in thirty-two different prisons); promoted to second lieutenant of Co. H, 46th Wisconsin; served until 16th of October, 1865 (final discharge). Married Marion A. Morrison in 1872, daughter of Mathew Morrison, of New York State. Has held office of Town Treasurer, Assessor and Chairman of Town Supervisors. 

E. R. CHESLEY, manufacturer, Brookside, born in Cleveland, Ohio. Came to Oconto Co., Wis., in1869; engaged in lumbering for Comstock & Simpson ;  continued with same firm for six years. Moved to Pensaukee in July,1877 ; continued lumbering, and is now engaged quite largely in manufacturing cedar posts, railroad ties and shingles, and also engaged in farming. Lost his second wife and son (a boy about six years old) by a tornado that caused great destruction to life and  property in Pensaukee and many other parts of the county, in July, 1877. 

JAMES K. CROOKS, farmer, Brookside, born in the year 1841, at Restigouche, New Brunswick. Is the son of Joseph Crooks and Fannie nee Kerr. Went to State of Maine in 1859.; engaged in lumbering for four years. Went to Saginaw, Mich., in 1863, and followed same business for one year. The climate not agreeing with him, he removed to Oconto, Wis., and continued to lumber for about eleven  years. He finally settled at Brookside, town of Pensaukee, and is now engaged in farming and lumbering. Married in August, 1871, to Mary A. Davis, daughter of J. P. Davis and Mary L. Davis, of town of Stiles, Oconto County. Has two children, both boys. 

GEORGE W. DE LANO, Brookside. Was born in Watertown, Jefferson Co., N. Y., in the year 1833; received his education in the schools of his native country. Married Mary A. Rudd, of Watertown, in 1853. Came to Oconto Co., Wis., in the year 1855, and engaged in the agricultural and lumbering business (in town of Pensaukee), until 1869, and being of a speculative nature, dealt largely in pine and farming lands, then engaged in the mercantile business and continued in the same until 1873. His health being somewhat impaired, sold out his interest, and traveled until 1877. Served a short time in the late Rebellion; enlisted in the 39th Wisconsin, May, 1864, He built the first log cabin at Brookside, town of Pensaukee, and his wife was the first white woman there. He is prominent and influential, and the recipient of many public honors. Is now living on his farm, and is owner of 2,500 acres of farming and pine lands, mostly all farming.

A. P. McCAUL, Pensaukee. Is a native of Ottawa City, Canada; was born October, 1843. His parents were of moderate means, much respected by all who knew them. He came to Oconto, Wis.,1865, and went to employment of McDonald & Brunquest as clerk in mill store. Went to California, Mexico, South America traveling, in 1878. Was engaged in the mercantile business in Denison, Iowa, for three years. Married Frankie A. Clapp, daughter of George R. Clapp, one of the pioneers of Dodge County, Wis., July 13, 1876, and finally returned to the State of Wisconsin, in August, 1880, where be now is employed as general superintendent for F. B. Gardner, lumber manufacturer, Pensaukee. 

E. C. WHITNEY, book-keeper, Pensaukee. Born in Watertown, Jefferson Co., N.Y., 1847; moved to LaCrosse Co., Wis., at the early age of eight years, 1855;  engaged in the agricultural business until the year 1864. Served a short time in the late Rebellion. Went to Milwaukee in the Fall of 1865 ; remained there as book-keeper for Anthony Green, West Water street, until 1867, then came to Oconto County, and engaged in the lumber business. During this time served as Town Clerk and Chairman of Town of Pensaukee, seven years. Sold out his interest in Oconto County, and in 1879, went to Michigan, in employ of S. Coleman, of Chicago; remained there until Spring of 188O, when he finally retired to Pensaukee and is now employed as book-keeper for F. B. Gardner, lumber manufacturer. 

H. W. WALDRON, farmer, Section 4. P. O. West Pensaukee. Is a native of Boston, Mass.; he learned the trade of machinist in Lowell. Came to Pesaukee in 1867, bought a farm of 120 acres, which he has improved with a very comfortable house, just completed; Cost $2,000; his barn cost about $500, and otherwise improved. Since coming here, has been Chairman of the Town, is a member of the Side Board, Town Supervisor; has been School Treasurer and Director. 

JOHN LEIGH, proprietor of Leighton Mills, town of Stiles. Is a native of Ireland, and came to America in 1837, with his parents, and they located in Maine. He came to this country in 1850. Has been a member of the County Board for a number of years; was elected member of the Legislature in 1865. He employs in his mill from five to six hands.