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Early Oconto County Photographers
The years they took photographs in Oconto County,
along with some examples of their work when available,
to help researchers in identifying antique family pictures
buy putting them into a time frame.

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1869 to 1876 photographer in Oconto County

     M.C. Beverage was a very active photographer whose portrait and scenic work in Oconto County, from 1869 to 1876, is often seen, even today. Unfortunately many of his images are without the identification of his subjects. In 1870 M.C. Beverage was a 27 year old who was born in Maine and living as a boarder in the home of H.M. Boyce in city of Oconto.  

Examples of his work in Oconto, Wisconsin
(notice the same low fringed stools, ties, jackets and shirts reused in several photographs)
unidentified originals owned by RITA

Please click on photos for full size view

Back of unidentified photo:
Photographer:  M.C. BEVERAGE,
Fine Art Gallery,
Dealer in  Frames, Albums, etc.
 T. A. Ridgeway, Operator.
contributed by: Kathryn Berg

Maurice C. Beverage  was an accomplished photographer in Oconto, Wisconsin and later in Marshalltown, Iowa. His obituary states that he was born as Michel Dupont, son of Pierre Pascal Dupont and Angelique Gagne. His census information gives his father as born in "Scotland" and his mother born in "French Canada".  He had two brothers, Fred and David. The three brothers changed their last name to Beverage or Beveridge. He was born at a Trading Post, Maine, June 8, 1841. He went to Canada in infancy and stayed until age 15 when he went to Michigan and Oconto, Wisconsin, where he learned his photographic business. He  produced stereo photos and postcards as well as portraits. In Oconto, Wisconsin, he advertised as "Fine Art Gallery, Dealer in Frames, Albums &c.", prominently displayed on the back of his frames with the address "Cor. of Maine & Section Streets, Oconto, Wis."

On November 20, 1871 he married Hattie Crum in Oconto, Wisconsin. They had four children, Herbert, Maude, Nora and Mabel. 
His son Herbert Morris Beveridge was also a photographer in Butte, Montana.

He left Oconto for Marshalltown, Iowa,  in January
1876, where he ran the Beverage Cottage Gallery,  from  1876 to 1912 By 1900 Maurice was found in Iowa where he lived with a daughter, Iowa born Mabel C. Beverage, age 24. Mabel's mother was born in Michigan. He was divorced and worked as a photographer. Beverage passed away on January  6, 1931 and  his obituary ran in the Times Republican, Marshalltown, Iowa. He is also written up in the Marshall County Iowa History, 1878, p. 548: several of his unidentified Oconto Portraits are housed in the Pennsylvania State University Library Special Collections Archives.

Oconto Newspaper articles:

 The Oconto Lumberman
May 16 1874

The funeral of young William Riley, whose flower of life was so suddenly nipped as it began to blossom into view, was one of the most imposing, and most numerously attended perhaps ever witnessed in the city. The corpse was born from the National Hotel to the Roman Catholic Church. It was encased in a handsome rose-wood coffin richly decorated with silver mountings. Arrived at the church the sad and solemn rites of the church, of which he was a member, were performed by the Rev. Mr. Sweibach in the presence of over 500 persons.

The cortege from the church attracted so much attention that Mr. Beverage was requested to photograph it on Section street and Mr. Wilcox from the corner of Superior and Main.

Nov. 21, 1874

House warming—Mr. M.C. Beverage gave an opening entertainment at his new photograph gallery in Funk’s block on Monday evening, November 16.

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