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Please keep in mind that the Oconto County Reporter was a staunchly politically Republican Party newspaper and these sentiments were strongly presented in this 106 year old series of biographies, other county publications of the time supported different views.

Where Did they go??

They once resided here
but are now scattered, but not forgotten.
The following is a list of Early settlers of Oconto and Oconto county who have sought homes in other portions of the united states.
Researched, formatted and contributed by Cathe Ziereis
Taken from the Oconto County Reporter 1896

Oconto County Pioneers
The series of biographic information found on these pages was published
in the Oconto County Reporter starting in 1895.
It was then picked up and carried in the Milwaukee Journal later that year, and
contain short sketches about successful citizens from all walks of life.
Researched and prepared for posting by - Cathe Ziereis
and Ron Renquin

  "The Oconto County Reporter is printing short sketches of Pioneers of the county that will be valuable to future generations, as well as interesting to the present".......... Milwaukee Journal Sep/1895

Page 1  W. W. Whitcomb, John Loranze, August Schroeder, F.R. Green, John H. Goddard, John Matravers, Thomas McKee, William T. Walsh, R. R. Davis, Thomas Caldie, Martin Delzer, William Plain, Cyrus Wardwell, Nels Johnson, Leon Rock, Albert Dudden, Lorenzo S. Lord, Robert Telford, James Badore, Peter Christian, William Witt, Christ Rasmussen, Levi Hale, C. J. Van Vechten, James E. Glynn, Peter Jamieson Researched and prepared by Cathe.

Page 2   L. K. Shores, Thomas Leigh, Herman Grotendorst, Neil McKillopp, C.D. Gidney, O. C. LeMay, Joseph Dionne, Louis Reed, Herman Leer, Calvin Gale, J. A. Schwelberg, Joseph Kadlic, John Howell, Jesse Birmingham, Joseph T. H. Churchill, C. L. Shores Researched and prepared by Cathe.

Page 3   L. C. Delano, John H. Peters,  A.L. Dunton, Felix Belanger, A.L. Dunton, Frank LaPage,  B.B. Barker, S. F. Everhart, H. F. Ohswaldt, Erwin Cleveland, Frank Cheffings, Nels Hougaard, A.C. Lovell, Edward Cota, B.C. Waldron, George Ross, Thomas McDougall, Louis A. Longrie, Louiseer Geven, George Krisher,  John C. Johnson, Coby Butler,  L. Kenney Researched and prepared by Cathe.

Page 4   Olsen, Longrie,  Barker,  Bartz, Swear, Plucker, Snyder,  Hunter, Windross, McAllister, Harvey,  McKenny,  Elliot, Fitzpatrick, John, Lince,  Bowman,   Birmingham,  Peterson,  Butler, Blomers,  McKinley, Bovee, McKenny, Couillard and  Whiting. Researched and prepared by Cathe.

Page 5   Berndt Hansen , J. R. Lawe , O. F. Chamberlain , Samuel Couillard , Warren Rice , A. F. Blaser , F. R. Green , J. N. Bowers , George A. Wilson , Syver Anderson , John D. Moody, William Schrubbe. Researched and prepared by Ron Renquin.