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Charles W. Scholtz
Oconto County Reporter
March 1919

Bereaved Parents Get Comforting Letter

The following letter was received a few days ago by Mrs. Chas. Scholtz, 1819 Marinette avenue in memory of her son, the late Pvt. Charles W. Scholtz:

Angers, France, Feb. 20, 1919

Dear Mrs. Scholtz—The war department will have notified you, and others may write you of your son’s death at this place at 2 p. m. today, but I always write to the parents of the boys who have to go to the Great Beyond from my ward for I know what it would mean to me if my loved ones had to leave me so far away and some one who cared for them should write me.

He was in my ward. I presume, nearly a week, very ill when he came in, but not delirious for several days. One day he talked quite a long time to me asking about some of his boy friends who had been in the ward and asked what was wrong with them. He said that he wished that he might get well but if he could not, he hoped that Liberty Bonds and his insurance would be of help to his mother and father in their old age. I said “hush son, you will get well and go home to them yet I hope.” I always hope for them as long as I can, but it seems it could not be, as he gradually grew worse and today at 2 p. m. he passed into the Great Beyond.

He was of an excellent type of manhood and there is nothing more I can say to you except that my heart aches for you and may you not sorrow as one without hope but may all Heavenly comfort be yours. Sincerely

Martha E. Bair A. N. C.