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Oconto County

Highway S
town of Little Suamico


Maestro S.C. Liberski, Frank Peplinksi and J. Zielindki are at left; J.J. Hof stands in the church entrance, and organist, Mrs. Liberski, is at the right.
Dave Cisler


Drawn by a missionary priest in the late 1800's, this is the typical first cabin of Polish immigrants to Sobieski. These settlers came with next to nothing in resources and funds and built their community literally from "scratch".
Drawing from "The Catholic Church In Wisconsin" 1898

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The following pictures are contributed and from the collection of Mike 

Milwaukee News paper article about Sobieski being named in1894. The name was in honor of the last ruling royal family when Poland was independent in the 1600's. It had since been occupied by foreign powers but national pride persisted.

A satellite photo to show the approximate location of Petersville, and where the old saw mill was, near Sobieski.

A picture from inside the Bond Pickle station. Leo Brzezinski, back of the picture wearing glasses, was operating the station. This picture was probably from the 1940s.

An old picture looking east on Main Street. There are 17 people in that picture.

1 - JJ Hof
2 - Mrs. Frank Peplinski
3 – Frank Peplinski
4 – Mrs. Stanley Liberski (Cecelia Brzezinski)
5 – Mrs. Joseph Liberski, Stanley Liberski’s mother
6 – Stanley Liberski
7 through 10 - children not identified

The station building still exists, it was purchased by Mr Smith, and he had it moved to his area by the creek on Cross Road.

Passenger train at the station, in the early 1900's. Rail travel was a very important part of many lives, both business and pleasure.

Front row L to R
Otto Krause - Station Manager and station crew: Leo A Brzezinski, ?, ?, Joe Sikorski, Adrian Brzezinski ,Leo T Brzezinski (Jr), Frank Kotulski

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The following picture postcards are contributed and from the collection of Dennis Kohlman.

Sobieski Main Street looking East

Sobieski Main Street looking West 

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Rural Sobieski

Sobieski Arch Bridge
Horse and Buggy

Sobieski Corners - Birds Eye View

Highway S and 41

A Proud Polish Family
near Sobieski
show their cleared land, fine draft horses and a method of stump pulling commonly used.
Many Oconto County families had photos of their homesteads taken to show the people in the "Old Country" how their hard work was successfully progressing.

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