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 4 Town School
7294 County Road V
Town of Gillett

Oconto County, Wisconsin


Photos contributed by:
Jill Gondek
Taken 2010

This is the tenth in a series of articles sponsored 
by the Oconto County Teachers Association
to promote better public relations in the schools of our county. 

The articles were  found in the scrap book of his late mother.

Article contributed by:
Larry Grady

(transcribed from the 1953 and 1954)

The For Town School District was organized at a meeting held at the Bahrke Home April 13, 1915. The first officers were John Rice, clerk; George Brusewitz, director; and Charles Benz, treasurer. They received a salary of six, six and eleven dollars. The building was contracted to be built by Julius Lemke for the sum of $1805.00. The plot of ground was leased from$2.00 fro Ed. Reinhold. A fee of $2.00 was paid a lawyer to establish the district which formerly had been part of Claywood and Sunny Lawn. Much of the work was done by men of the district with their labor donated and only material being paid for.

The name of Four Town was gotten from the fact that the school district is made up of part of the town of How, Gillett, Maple Valley and Underhill. The school building is in the North-West corner of the town of Gillett.

Many of the supplies were purchased from Bocher Bros. of Gillett. The first heating plant was purchased from the Hart Heating Co. for $100.00. This was replaced by a modern oil burner in 1952 for a sum about five times that of the old heating plant.

The first teacher was Fannie Statler who taught for $44.55 per month. The second year she received a raise, her salary now was $47.62. She stayed in the district and would board the train at Claywood and go home from there.

In 1918 Ed Barke and Adolph Edmarks took George Brusewitz and Charles Benz place on the school board. Helen Sladkey and Edwar Wynek were the nex two teachers. The school didn’t have a large bell at this time so Mr. Wunek gave socials and programs until he had enough money to buy a bell, but the bell hadn’t been installed before the close of the school year and he had to come to visit school the following year so he’d have a chance to ring the bell.

The following are some of the teachers that have taught at the Four Town School. Fannie Statler, Helen Sladkey, Edward Yynekk, Katheryn McHugh, Alice Meles, Ben Jensen, Mabel Sorenson, Ellen Johnson, Marie Larson, Lilly Nielson, Otto Neuman, Carmen Rice, Hugh Fisher, Margaret Otradovec, Elsie Schafrick, Mrrs. Robert Melchoir, Lionel Whiting, Mrs. Elva Belongia, Mrs. Esther Pasterski, Mrs. Dolores Bucholz, Mrs. Kathleen Benz, Mrs. Victoria Kamke, and Mrs Mildred Buseman.

Following the original school board members were: Fred Adams, Adolph Edmarks, Ed. Reinhold, Ed. Bahrke, Otto Rusch, fred Schneider, Gus Pardohn, Martin Smit, John Bahrke, Mr. Rusch was treasurer for 30 years, that is from 1922 until his death, then his wife finished his term of office.

The recent improvements to the school besides the oil burner are the floors sanded and refinished in a light varnish, movable seats and the building insulated. We have a vey modern looking room now.

The school may look the same to a passerby, but many new teaching devices are being used to teach the children the so called 3 R’s.