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 Birch Grove School
Oconto County, Wisconsin

Birch Grove School
Teacher: Miss Muthart
Students: (not in order) Marcella Hanek, Ella Rimple, Helen A. Neta, Helen L. Neta, Dora Frosch, Walter Neta, Casey Neta, Clarence Wondrash, Loretta Neta,
(more than one) Kosmals, Konkles and Jagiellos

Birch Grove School
photos contributed by:Jill Gondek

contributed by: Larry Grady
(transcribed from the news article below)

Something New Added Each Year
at Birch Grove County School

Fourth Room May Be Built At Abrams School Due to Overcrowded Conditions
This is ths 13th in a series of articles sponsored by the Oconto County Teachers Association to promote better public relations in the schools of our county.


On July 6, 1910. a meeting was called to order by Charles Robbins the chairman of the town of Lena to form a school board to acquire land and to discuss matters pertaining to the establishment of a school house. Land was bought from James Pavlick for the sum of $50.00 and the first school board was elected. They were Anton Kramer, clerk; Frank Cook, treasurer; and Frank Rosary, director. It was also voted on to hire a female teacher and to raise $500.00 lo run the school. Anton Kramer resigned as clerk and Robert Rimple was elected to take his place. The school was built with Joseph Anderly being head carpenter. Joseph Knu'man dug the well.

The furnishings for the school were bought from Sears Roebuck and Company. School was in session eight months. It was also voted on at the meeting that the teacher would buiM the fire and have it built by 7:30 a.m. The first teacher. Miss Minnie Marek, received a salary of $35.00 a month.

Ellen McDonald was the County Superintendent at the time school started, which was November 10. 1910.

The present school board is Ernest Frye, Martin Kosmal and Felix Neta. The present teacher is Mrs. Eleanora Stoviak. There are 21 pupils enrolled this school year. Our school is now heated with a fuel oil burner. We have storm windows and our school has been insulated.

Every year something has been accomplished toward improvement of buildings and playgrounds.

Every month the community holds card parties at the school. Money made is used to buy needed things for the school. Last year beautiful curtains for the stage were purchased. This year a new mirror with a cabinet and other things were bought. The name Birch Grove is going to have more meaning after the community people plant birch trees in the school yard this fall.