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Oconto County, Wisconsin


(also known as Greibler's School House)

contributed by:Bill Fonferek

Here is a picture of the Breed Central School House.  It's located at what was Old Highway 32 and Fonferek Road (now Central and North Branch Road).  The structure is still standing and has been converted to a storage building.  Because we lived across the street, there was always a lot of kids playing there.  I was a little too young to be a part of the older kids activities.  My sister Mary attended school there.  We boarded a school teacher at our house by the name of Nellie Coleman.
Bill Fonferek

Oconto County Reporter
March 6, 1903


Abbie Morton has commenced teaching in the town of Breed at the school known as the Griebler’s school house. (Breed Central)


Breed Central School
Student Body
circa 1935

contributed by: Bill Fonferek

Names in Red added by Don Ponsegrau

Front row: (Jerry Lemke)???Lempke, Marvin Hinkfuss, (Ed Lemke), (Robert E Haag) ??Haig, Manly Huntly

Second Row:  Ruth Fonferek, Janette Zimmerman (Arrik), Wilhamine (Billie) Flynn, Corky Lewis Flynn, Audrey Foral, Dolly Lillian Kufner (Joanna Haag {Forrest}), Joyce Klawitter (Bickford), Francis LiBassi

Third Row:  John Truchta, Milo Huntly (Huntley), Amber Kuehl, Cecilia Wozniak, (Marvin) Hinkfuss

Fourth Row:  Wallace (Walter) Holmes, Richard Kufner, ?? Haig (John W. Haag), LaVerne Hinkfuss, Elder Zimmerman, ??? (Herman F. Haag)

Fifth Row: Rosalie Wozniak, Lois Kebshull, Kevin Klawitter, Ms (Lila) Gilligan, Evelyn Klawitter (Redomshi), ??Haig (Hildegard Haag {Brutlag} ), Roy Griebler, ???Haig (Helen Haag {McKamey} ) 


Breed Central School
Class of 1950-1951

contributed by:: Don Ponsegrau

Breed Central School 
Student Body

contributed by: Bill Fonferek
Attached is a class photo believed to be about 1928 based on my mothers age at the time.  She looks about 10 yrs old.

Breed Central School - 1928

Back row.  Orville Griebler, Isabelle Griebler, Vincent Labbossi (Libassi), Myrtle Kebschull, Beatrice tate, Dale Westphal, Margaret "Dottie" Foral

Front Row.  Ruby Peterson, Katherine Griebler, Dorothy Zimmerman, Norman Kufner, Rosie Wozniak, Nora Kufner, Lois Kebschull, Alfred Johnson

Breed Central School 
Student Body

contributed by: Bill Fonferek

Breed Central School - 1952

Row-1; Billy Gillespie, Eddy Wolf, Matt Mitchell, Karen Schuettpelz
Standing; Virginia Tuell, Anne Wolf

Row-2; David Wozniack, Ervin School, Tom Spice, Arnold Heise, Jim Christenson, Elanore School

Row-3; Mary Fonferek, Louis Lobner, Ethel Schuettpelz, Paul Wold, Jim Moede, Joan Christenson,  Delores Wolf

Standing in rear; Barb Katch, Betty Holmes, Allen Tuell, Wally Willes, Glen Schuettpelz, Mrs. Coleman, Albert Christenson

Row-4; Billy Flynn, Elaine Holmes, Phil Wozniack, Roger Holmes, Willima Tuell, Dick Spice

Row-5; Loraine Wold, Harry Katch, Joyce Kebschull, George Tuell, Carol Christenson

Row-6; Don Ponsegrau, Bob Moericke, Marjory Chistenson, Jean Ponsegrau

c: 1915

Kids who went to Breed Central located on Old Highway 32 and Fonferek Road at the corner of what is now Central Road
and North Branch Road.

Pictured : Front Row. ?? Erickson, John Dessart, Charles Duhl, Raymond Kuehl.
2nd Row;  Louis Popelka, ??? Erickson, Pearl Dessart, Irene Popelka, Cecilia Fonferek, Rose Dessart, Edna Kuehl.
Back Row; John Hamburg, ?? Erickson, Anna Popelka, and Teacher Floyd Tate.

contributed by:
Bill Fonferek

Breed Central School 
Student Body

contributed by:Bill Fonferek

Breed Central School - 1956
Left - Right
Front Row - Linda Westphal, Ailbert Timm,  Norman Kufner, Jeff  ,Morsau, Larry Zimmerman, Tim Mitchell, Linda Firgens, Virginia Tuell, Marie Westphal, Karole Kebschull
Back Row - Billy Flynn,  Arnold Heise, Larry Fisher, Albert Christensen, Oliver Tuell, Barbara Moede, Matt Mitchell, Sandra Firgens, Jim Christensen, Mary Ann Wolf  Teacher - Mrs. Beverly (Swenty) Ehlinger

Photos contributed by:Jill Gondek
Taken 2010

Photos contributed by:
Jill Gondek
Taken 2010

Photos contributed by:
Jill Gondek
Taken 2010