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 Brick School

2506 Moody Rd.
Town of Pensaukee

Oconto County, Wisconsin

2nd building pictured,
built in 1920.

Photo contributed by:
Jill Gondek
Taken 2010

News article contributed by:
Larry Grady

(transcribed from the 1953 news article below)

Brick School District No Jt. 6
Pensaukee and Abrams

The Brick School is located about three miles south of Brookside and three quarters of a mile  East of County Trunk J.

During the past six years the attendance has been between 33 and 39 children.

Early records were destroyed by fire, but the old settlers say the school was built in 1870. Bricks came from the brick yard East of the school on what is now the Geil farm. An old Treasurer's book which dates back to 1875 gave some information.

The clerk in 1875 was W.W. Delano. The teacher Miss L. DeLano received $140.00 for the year of seven months. The records show as many as three teachers taught during a term. The first teacher to teach a full term was Hattie Bellingham in 1878 at $20.00 PER MONTH.

Double seats were purchased in 1878. Also $2.00 was allowed per year for cleaning the school.

Painted black boards were purchased for $4.00. The attendance was very large. We were told between 65 and 100 children attended school.

The school was called the Brookside School District No. 6 up to 1887. The board voted to furnish free texts until 1905 when the children had to buy their own because only $5.00 was allowed for  supplies.

Three dug wells and two drilled wells have supplied the water. The drilled wells were drilled in 1910 and 1951.

Slate boards were purchased in 1906 for $16.06. The record shows that $200.00 was raised each year of expenses.

The first building was heated by a box wood stove costing $11.50 for a stove, pipes and freight. In 1914 a jacket stove was installed.

In 1885 the board voted to have a nine month school term. There is a mention of the board attending a School Board Convention in 1905 for the first time.

In 1915 free text books were voted again. New single desks were bought. The first record of $1000.00 was raised for expenses.

The first building was razed in 1920. The new building had a full basement with furnace, and chemical indoor toilets. These were removed and put outside in 1925.

In 1937 the building was wired for electricity, and a steel roof put on.

Between the years of 1945 to 1952 the school purchased a radio, a piano, a hot plate, a film strip projector, new blonde desks, new green chalk boards, and electric clock and a blower for the furnace. The floors were sanded and sealed. The building was painted last summer. The school is well supplied with up-to-date texts and supplies.

The present school board members are: clerk, Mrs. Orville Westcot; director, Mrs. Clarence Thome; treasurer, Mrs. Delano Moody. The teacher is Mrs. Mary Papenfus.