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Oconto County, Wisconsin

3519 County Road J.


Above photos contributed by:Jill Gondek

Article contributed by: Larry Grady
(transcription of article below)

This is the 23rd in a series of articles sponsored by the Oconto County Teacher's Association to promote better public relations in the schools of our county.

Brookside And Pensaukee Schools
Progress To Up-To-Date Plants

Brookside - The Brookside School District Joint 2 of the Town of Pensaukee was (according to records) organized as early as 1863. School was held in a house. In 1868 the first "red" school was built. The "house" was sold a few years later. By 1880 a second "red" school was built at the left of the first one. School was held in both buildings. In 1892 the second building burned. School was then held in the first red school and the town hall that is just around the corner. In 1894 thd present school building was built to replace both red buildings.

The specifications for this building stated the building to be 24 feet by 68 feet, designated the number of doors, windows, and the kind of materials to be used. The building was to be completed and painted by October first, 1894. The completed building with the furniture and bell was immediately insured for $1200.00. The cash value was listed as $1289.00.

The school board members at the time of construction of this building were Frank Noel, clerk; T. P. Parkinson, director; W. J. Davis, treasurer. The director was the father of James and Truman Parkinson of Green Bay, who have helped by supplying information in the history of this school. The teacher's contracts were made out for three months and school was to begin on October 15th, 1894. The salaries were to be thirty dollars per month. The next year the teacher's salaries were reduced to twenty-five dollars per month. At this time W. A. Mc-Kinley was superintendent of schools in Oconto County. He had perviously taught in the "red" school that had burned in 1892.

A well was dug ar.d a wooden pump with a tin cup hanging from a chain was the source of the water supply. Then about 1911 the water supply was obtained from an artesian veil owned by the creamery. When this source of water began to dwindle a well was drilled on the school premises. This well, too, became inadequate so a third well was drilled and an artesian well was the result. The water was piped into the basement of the school because the pressure was not great enough to force the water to the main floor level. This year a water system was installed and now both hot and cold water are available as well as a drinking fountain in the upper hall.

In 1917 a small addition, to be used as a domestic science room and a manual training room, was built onto the school at the cost of $184.00. This past summer indoor toilets were built into this space.

During the time that the W. P. A. was in action the school building was raised fourteen inches and a complete basement was built under the school. The interior of the building was remodeled to some extent and playground equipment was also provided.

In 1947 the school at Oak Orchard District 3 in the Town of Pensaukee burned. The children were transported to the grade school in Little Suamico for the remainder of the school term. The next summer District 3 and District 2 were consolidated and is known as Joint District Number 3 of Pensaukee. The children are transported by bus. Clair Matravers being the bus driver.

The most recent improvements to the school are indoor toilets, oil furnace, thirty new desks, storm windows, and a film strip projector, thus making the Brookside School one of the best equipped schools in the county.

The present school board members are: Mrs. Dorothy Rosenberg, clerk; Allen Peters, director and Lloyd jahnke, treasurer.

At the present time there are children of the third and fourth generations enrolled in this school. They are as follows:

Great Grandparent
Winnie Isbel

Hazel Christian     
August Bloom
Frances Scholtz
Julius Huebscher

Isaac Laduron
Albert Peters

Julius Krueger
Bertha Huebscher

Ricky Heider
Bonnie Bloom

Bonnie and Roxy Huebscher
Lynn Krueger
Roger, Eugene & Allen Peters
Sharon and Clarence Krueger
Hollie Risto
Edward Bloom & Helen Zoeller

Harold Huebscher
Mae Laduron

Karen Peters
Dean Krueger

Mrs. Alice Thome, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Krueger, attended school here, and at present is teaching in the primary room. Mrs. Violet Laduron is principal.

2006 addendum to above article:

In 1961, the 7th and 8th grades were sent to Oconto  to the new Junior High School.

In 1969, the school was closed an sold to Brookside Enterprises for a Community Center and was used for many community events.

In 1982, the school was turned back over to the Town. It was used for various purposes with the latest as a storage facility for the Fire Department. During the last 10 years the condition of the building gradually deteriorated.

In 200, the bell from the school was loaned to the Oconto Unified School District and was placed at the new Elementary School Building in the city of Oconto.

In 2004, the decision was made to raise the School building.

The new Town Hall and Community Center has been built on the site.

Brookside School, 1945.  Teacher is Miss Marcella Carriveau
contributed by: Terry Hornick

Brookside School Building Remodeled and Redecorated
Publication unknown
Contributed by Dorothy Hagemann

It was in the height of the Great World Depression of the 1930's that many old, tired and worn schools were remodeled and upgraded, lacking the funds to rebuild. Brookside was one community with a strong emphasis on education. Even in these hardest of times, great pride was taken in giving the best possible for the next generation.


 The Brookside state graded school, located on highway 41 in the joint district between Pensauikee and Abrams, is one of the state graded schools in the county which as undergone a complete transformation in the past two years.

 In 1934, the wooden structure was completely remodeled, repainted and redecorated. The building was raised and a basement was built under the entire structure. One part of the basement is now a large recreation room where the students enjoy their social parties. The walls throughout the building have been replastered and electric lights were installed. The front of the building was rebuilt, and during the past summer it was repainted.
 Forty-one students are in attendance at the school, 22 of whom are in the upper grades, and 19 in the. lower. Miss Thelma Parkinson of this city, who is principal and teacher of the upper grades, is at Brookside for her first year. Formerly she taught at state graded schools in Suring village and in the township of Little River. 

 Teaching the lower grades is Miss Bernice Krueger, who prior to her work at Brookside was at Little Suamico and Morgan central. Both Miss Parkinson and Miss Krueger are graduates of the Oconto Falls training school.

 School board members in the district are Louis Erdman, Albert Beckendorf and Albert Falk, all of Abrams, R. 1.
   Students of "the Brookside state
graded school are " pictured in front
of their school building.   They are, 
reading from left to right:

•     First row:    Ruby Moody, Hollie
Risto, Helen Stuever, Donald Beckendort,
Gene Thome, Wilbnr Yahnke, Thfmas  Moody,  Gerhardt Eggert,   Max  Rovinski,  Avis   Palk,
Rosemary Martin, Arlene Scholtz,
Joyce Strege, Ruth Stuever, Bobby Bay, 
and Teddy Rovinski.

• Second row:    Betty Beckendorf, 
Donald Bay,   Josephine Martin, 
Carl Ward, Melvin Strege, Rupert Egbert, Donald Ellner, Curtis Loh, Orville Longrie and Beverly Jean Laduron.

• Third row: Robert Johnston, 
Joseph Rovinski,  Miss Parkinson,
Kermit Leonard, Earl Yahnke, 
Willard Hoppe, Clarence Kersine, 
Wilbur Falk,  Gladys Martin, 
Genevieve, Ellner, Geneva Ellner, 
Phyllis Mae Moody and Miss Krueger.

 Those absent when the picture was
taken were Orville and Donald Wiegelt, lower grade students.


contributed by: Larry Grady