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 Claywood School
11502 Claywood
town of Maple Valley
Oconto County, Wisconsin
built 1903
District #4
Photo taken by RITA 1999

Photos contributed by:Jill Gondek
Taken 2010

contributed by: Larry Grady

(transcribed from the 1954 news article below, found in his late mother's scrapbook)

Claywood School

The School District Number 4 of Maple Valley was organized in 1886. At that time it was known as subdistrict number 8, town of Maple Valley. The first meeting was held on March 8th, 1886.

This first Claywood school was on the corner of the farm, formerly known as the Sauter farm, Lawrence Courchaine lives on this place now.

At an annual meeting held the last Monday of September, 1886, it was voted to have 7 months of school and to raise $50.00 for current expenses. Mrs. Christ Nelson was the first teacher for a wage of $35.00 per month. J. M. Burbank was County Superintendent.

The first school board was elected at the annual meeting which was held on the first Tuesday in July, which was July 5th, 1887. The officers were elected in the following order: John Hanson, clerk one year, Jorgen A. Jorgenson. treasurer two years, Theodore Christensen, director, term two years. It was moved and carried at this meeting to "raise $25.00 for the introduction of  Harper's school books and for'school board to furnish said books to pupils at cost price".

The teacher was hired for four imonths, from September through December, then a vacation of three months from January through March, then rehired for three months, from April through June. Wood was delivered for $.25 a cord. Water was carried from the John Monson place for $2.00 a year.

The following were teachers in this first school: Mrs. Nelson, Susan Gilky, Maggie Kelley, Tillie Young, Mary Mc Donell, Chas. Tuttle, Margaret Brady, Nettie Mc Kenny. Thomas Harmon, Ella Hanson, Johy Reymnolds, Ella Larsen, (Mrs. Chas. Monson of Suring), Anette Phelan, Mae Ratchford and Mary Finnegan.
In 1903. District Number 8 was divided into two districts, Maple Valley Number 4 and Maple Valley Number 7. It was at this time that the present Claywood school began. James Slang and Antone Arveson built this school, which is a brick building 28' by 50'. Christ Nelson was clerk, Louis Larsen director, and Peter Hanson treasurer. Gertie McLean was the first teacher of this school.

The school has been remodeled since it was built. It was insulated, and wired for electricity in 1946. It is heated with a jacket stove. This year a new cupboard was built and the sink comer remodeled. The interior of the building was redecorated, this being done every two years. New tops were put on some of the desks, and all were varnished.

We have new books in reading, history, arithmetic, geography and health. There is a radio in the school.