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 Couillardville School

5305 County Road J
Town of Oconto

Oconto County, Wisconsin

 The teacher was William Henry
during the time this photograph was taken.

He taught at Couillardville School for the 1908 - 1909 and 1909 - 1910 terms.

photo courtesy of Couillard Family descendants.

Photo contributed by:
Jill Gondek  
taken 2010

contributed by: Larry Grady
This is the ninth of a series of articles sponsored by the Oconto County Teachers Association to promote better public relations in the schools of our county.
(transcribed from the news article below)

Couillardville and Pershing Schools Show Progress Through The Years

In the 1860's a small log school stood where the Couillardville School, District Number 3, Oconto, now stands. In this school the parents of many of the oldest residents of our district studied along with a few Indian children who also attended the school.

At about the turn of the century, it was decided to change the building. It was to be a wuoden one. It hail no basement and you entered it by climbing a number of cement steps located in thfi middle of the front of the building. One of the first teachers was Michael J. Hafner and the school board consisted of John Dayle, Sam Couillard and Bob Murray. The people were interested in education and as a result the school year was always nine months in length. Of course, it wasn't unusual to hear a person mention the raising of only $250 to run the school for the year and also pay the teacher.
In about 1935 the school was remodeled. A basement was put under the building and you entered the school at ground level on the southeast corner. The school's appearance has remained the same, but many modern conveniences have taken the place of the old appliances.

In 1951 an oil burning furnace replaced the old jacket-type stove. Indoor washrooms and toilets were installed and the inside was beautifully painted in a pastel green shade with dark brown bulletin boards. The school was insulated and aluminum storm windows helped to stop the wind from sweeping through the building. An adequate library is becoming a reality because the district supplements the amount paid by the state for books with an extra $25.00 a year.

During the post year the outside of the school was repainted. It is white with a red brick foundation. The aluminum colored roof completes the external redecorating.

The school was once used for card parties, 4-H meetings, and other gatherings, but now a Community Hall located directly across from the school serves the purpose. Even the school itself uses the hall for its community affairs. The hall has a stage and draw drape making it convenient for programs. There are cooking facilities for parties. The school has the privilege of using the hall without charge.

For the past three years Mrs. Janice Janssen has taught the school, which is located about 7 miles west of Oconto on County Trunk J. The present school board consists of Mrs. Helen Janssen, clerk; Mr. Ralph Crawford, treasurer; and Mr. Arthur Matravers.