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 Degantown School
Town of Oconto Falls
Oconto County, Wisconsin

Mrs. Schindel collection
Photo contributed by:Jill Gondek

Degantown School 2010

Photo contributed by:
Jill Gondek
Interview by Jill Gondek  with present private land owner of the school site.
Mrs. Schindel, who provided the first 5 photographs on this page, said that when the school closed, ownership reverted back to the land owner. In 1978 the school was dismantled and out of the lumber from the school they made 2 garages, one on the farm and one on the school land.  She said all of her children (8) attended Degantown school. When they closed the school her son attended Elm Lawn for a couple of years.

Mrs. Schindel collection
Photo contributed by:Jill Gondek

Degantown School 1948
student body

Back Row Left to Right

1 Walter Schimkoski,  Howard Krueger, Roy Cournoyer, Elsie Raatz, Herbert Freitag, Arthur Heinz, Alferet Reichert,Miss Mae Neuman (teacher), Wm. Delzer, Joanne Larsen, Joyce Schultz, Shirley Young, Evelyn Merton Marie Young, Mae Jean Delzer, Carol Fiefield

2nd Row

Bruno Reichert, Wiburt Walske,  Arbin Merton, James Walske, Wallace Fiefield, Beverly Everard, Audrey Fifield Norbert Young

Front Row

Bernice Young, Bernard Young, Calvin Schindel, Ronald Heimke, Gene Walske, Mary Young, Joyce Krueger, Janet Fifield, Rose Mary Heinz, Ronald Rasmussen, Sandra Merton, Sue Krueger

Mrs. Schindel collection
Photo contributed by:Jill Gondek

Mrs. Schindel collection
Photo contributed by:Jill Gondek

Mrs. Schindel collection
Photo contributed by:Jill Gondek

Degantown — It was picture taking time at the Degantown school when the Times-Herald photographer and Co. Superintendent of Schools Russell O'Connor stopped at school. The entire enrollment is pictured outside the school with their teacher. Mrs. Moede, and  Mr. O'Connor.

The bell was on a post just outside the door. The first teacher's salary was $20.00 a month, and room and board were furnished them. The school term consisted of seven month—a winter term and a spring term.

One of the first School Superintendents was Mr. McKinley from Abrams. He walked from school to school and sought lodging at the farm homes.

The early log cabin house was replaced around 1880. The new building was built on the present school grounds. It was painted red and had but three windows. In 1895 a belfry was added. Many years later another room was added making it a two room school. In 1931, two teachers were engaged to teach, as the enrollment had grown. Some years later it became a one teacher school again.

Times-Herald Photo
Degantown — Several of the pupils of the Degantown school are pointing out items of interest on their bulletin board to Mrs. Eldor Moede, their teacher
This past year the enrollment was such that facilities were inadequate and it was necessary to convert to a state graded school. Much remodeling was done and many improvements added. The work was started in late 1953. The original room has been completely remodeled, by adding a new linoleum tile floor, plaster wall board of a lovely shade of green, new lights, new book shelves, and much new equipment and furniture. A utility room was added tO house the oil burning furnace; a water system was installed supplying both hot and cold water.

A new front entrance has been built and a new door leading to the outside was put in both rooms. Plans are also being made to remodel the primary room next year.

Our school board members are Mr. Howard Westphal, clerk; Mr. Irwin Heaney, director; and Mrs. Rudolph Delzer, treasurer. Mrs. Ralph Heaney and Mrs. Erwin Heaney clean the school. Our teachers this year are Mrs. Beverly Hegeman, lower grades, and Mrs. Myrtle Moede, upper, grades.

Various portions of this school history were supplied by Mrs. Ernest Wesley, Mrs. Albert Delzer Mrs. Elsie Delzer, and Mr. Emmett Johnson  of  Oconto Falls.

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