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Town of Maple Valley
Oconto County, Wisconsin


This Frostville school that was built in 1904 of local clay bricks. The addition in the rear of the photo was from 1917.
Photo contributed by:
Jill Gondek
Taken 2010

Bruce Paulson Collection

"A. C. Frost standing on stump in front of newly completed schoolhouse, 
probably Frostville, Wisc., early 1880's"
Chris Pacetti Collection

Article contributed by Larry Grady
(transcribed from the vintage news article below)

Frostville and Claywood SchoolsQuick to
Make Educational Progress Changes

This is the fifteenth in a series of articles sponsored by the Oconto County Teachers Association to promote better public relations in the schools of our county.


Suring—The Frostville School District was formed in October, 1875. It was called District Number 3 of the Town of Maple Valley. John Ericsson was elected clerk. Christian Johnson, treasurer, and A. O. Monseth, director. M. M. Comstock was County Superintendent at that time. Miss Emma Taylor was hired as the first teacher for $26.00 a month. School was to be held in John Ericsson's home, commencing on the 19th day of April and continuing for five months.

In October 1876, at the annual school meeting the voters made plans for a log school house to be built for $250.00 or less. On March 13, 1877, this district was turned over to the Town of Gillett and was made District Number 6 of the Town of Gillett. The school house was built by the men in the district in 1878. It was built on the same ground that the school now stands on, at the corner of M and Z. In 1879, the district was turned back to the Town of Maple Valley.

It was in this school that Miss Ellen B. McDonald, our former County Superintendent, went to school when she was a child. She later also taught this school before becoming County Superintendent.

In 1904, the voters decided to build a new school. It was to be brick and was constructed by John Hougaard, who lived in the district. It is still in use today (1954) and is the Primary Room. This school became crowded and in 1917, they decided to build another room. This also was constructed of brick, with a basement where a furnace was installed. Savalia Thielke was hired as the first primary teacher and Gladyce McKinney was the principal of the Frostville State Graded School.

As we were unable to find any records between the first clerk's books and the ones kept from 1918 on; we had to contact old settlers of the district. Our thanks goes to Thomas Hougaard for the date of the first brick school and William Benz, who was clerk at the time the second room was built.

In 1940, District Number 7 of the Town of Maple Valley was consolidated with the Frostville District. At the Annual Meeting held in 1941, it was voted to transport the children living two miles or more. A used bus was bought in August, 1941. The bus also picked up the first and second graders. Henry Barry was the first bus driver. He drove the bus until May, 1944. Since then Al. Zemke has driven the bus. A new bus was bought in January, 1947. Since that time all children in the district have been transported.

The Hot Lunch Project was started in September, 1939. Steve Stix was clerk at this time. Mrs. Henry Barry was the first cook. She received commodities through the Welfare Department at Oconto. Her salary was also paid by them. She cooked on an oil stove. Today we have a modern kitchen with a two compartment sink, gas stove, hot and cold water and refrigerator.

Since the school was built considerable improvements have been made. The school was wired for electricity in 1931. A new furnace and stoker was installed in 1947. A well drilled in 1951, and water piped into the school. In 1952, rest rooms were added and a hot water heater. Also drinking fountains in each room. The basement was remodeled at this time to provide a supply store room and a surplus commodity room. Eight new seats were added in 1952 in the primary room and eight new ones in the upper room this year. A filmstrip machine and a motion picture projector were also bought.

Our teachers at present are Mrs. Esther Pasterski, Principal and Mrs. Margaret Zuehlke, primary teacher, who have been with us for six years.

The present school board members are Edwin Johnson, clerk; Alvin Schmclling, treasurer and Al Ruege, Director.

We have a Community Club which is very interested in our school. They have bought many things for the school. Last year they bought a movie projector and screen. Mrs. Austin Makholm is president of the Community Club.