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Oconto County, Wisconsin



Gillett Graduation - 1907

This eighth grade class graduated in Gillett in 1907. In the back row, from left, is Truman John, Ralph Brahmer, Mr. Schwartz and Elmer John; front row Minnie Brummer, Guy Gale, Emerald Welch, Martin Pipenberg and Beatrice Brummer. Photo courtesy of Galen Winter, Shawano.
Researched and contributed by Cathe Ziereis
Gillett Graded School - 1908

The entire student body and faculty of Gillett Graded School pose in front of the school building. 
Photo courtesy of Galen Winter, Shawano.
Researched and contributed by Cathe Ziereis

(original photo quality)

First Schoolhouse -Gillett 

The   first  school   in  Gillett, located on the corner of North Elm and W. Main was literally  a   "little red schoolhouse."     Built in 1865, it was more than a  school,  it was a community center. On  Sundays,   whenever  a   circuit   preacher   came through,   church   services  were  held  in   the   school. The first   town   elections   in   1868 were  held   in   the choolhouse. It was   the  site  of  many gatherings, usually   attended  by   everyone   in   the   community. This   little   red building  served   the community   in  its  many   capacities  until   1884  -  when a  larger  schoolhouse  was  built  where   the   present  Mary  Schultz's home   is   located  on  South   Elm. The  little  red schoolhouse was  moved  up  near the  new  school  and became  a woodshed.


The new Gillett High School 

1948 Gillett Graded School first grade students:
front to back starting at left 
Row 1: Delores Linzemeyer, Nancy Ellis, Carol Rusch, Dennis Cota, Soren Sorlie, Lyle Wetzel
Row 2: Marilyn Freitag, Shirley Kirkhoff, Carol Klawitter, Patsy Wilson, Curtis Runge
Row 3: ? Erickson, Carol Krause, Diane Kohn, Edwin Winkler, Janet Gordon, Maryellen Smith
Row 4:Peter ?, Marcia Muth, Gary Olson, Harold Wilson, Wayne Kruschke
Row 5: Barbara Van Hoof, Nanette Nienstedt, ? from Holland, Dennis O'Connor, Lizette Tollner ? from Holland
Teacher is Mrs. Gallagher from Oconto Falls
Photo contributed by: Marilyn Freitag