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Oconto County, Wisconsin


11709 Tompost Road and Goldfield Road

Town of Brazeau

This building no longer exists.

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(transcribed from the 1954 news article below)

Page Eight Thursday, March 18, 1954
 Goldfield Had High School

This is the 21st in a series of articles sponsored by the Oconto County Teacher's Association to promote better public relations in the  schools  of our county.

Photographs and information
contributed by: Jean Grosse


Sept 1940 - May 1941 

Teacher Guy Williams

Early 1900's

left: Teacher Miss Kehl

The teacher and principal in 1957 
was Mrs. George Burgermeister

Goldfield school classes 1-8


Goldfield—In 1909 the people of Goldfield decided that a school was necessary for its fast growing community. An acre of land was purchased from Louis Rosner, and a one-room building was constructed.

Miss Mabel Clausser from Spruce was the first teacher. She was hired by the first school board, which was Mr. Mike Lentz (director). Gust Grosse (clerk), and Louis Ermis (treasurer).

The teacher rode from Spruce to her school in a horse and buggy. Sometimes she walked the distance which was over ten miles. She boarded at the home of the director. Her salary was $35.00 per month. Her board and room was $12.00.

Due to the fact that no school had been built up to this time all the children started in the first class although they were of various ages. As it was too far for the cildren to go to Klondike, the lucky ones stayed at their grandparents who lived nearer to the school. Most of the children spoke only a foreign language, and had to be taught the English language first.

Gustie and Bertha Ermis, Adolph Gretzon, Minnie Gusick, Mollie White, Ida Grosse, August and Paul Ermis, were some of the first students.

A second addition was built on the schoolhouse in 1920. Miss Carol Grady of Oconto and Miss Virchels were the two teachers then.

As the number of children increased, they found it necessary to build on a third addition. In 1931 a high school department was added. Miss Hazel Grady was the teacher in the 7th, 8th and 9th grades. Stella Kalbes, Margaret Grosse, Clarence Chase, Stella Kondro, Lucille Krause and Beatrice Yencheski were ninth grade students then.

This arrangement lasted for about five years. The high school was discontinued and only two rooms were used. From the beginning of the school to the present time, the attendance ranged from 120 students to 9 students. This finally brought a close of the two rooms and only one room is being used at the present time. Now in 1954, we have 26 students in the eight grades taught by Mrs. Lucille Broderick.

One night in December, 1950, a fire broke out. Mr. Mike Kalbes noticed a pink glow in the window. He notified the teacher. When the doors were opened it was impossible to see anything on the inside except the fire in the corner where the stove stood. There was no water supply at hand. A farmer took his milk cans, filled them with whey from the local cheese factory and returned to the burning building. A window-was opened and whey was thrown in toward the corner where the fire was. When it was possible to enter the building, the floor was covered with whey. The fire was not caused by an overheated furnace, but by a defect in the building of the chimney.  School was called on the following Monday. Classes were held in the second addition for the rest of the year. The following fall the room was repaired and looked like new. Library books were purchased and also a new oil burner.

The present board members are Arthur Gummin, Ernest Stank, and Elmer Lentz. Mr. Lentz is a son of the first board member. All three members reside on the parent's farms which had helped to organize the school almost 50 years ago.