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 Greenwood School
Was on Krueger's Quarry Road east of County J
Oconto County, Wisconsin

Photo contributed by:
Jill Gondek

Article contributed by Larry Grady
(transcribed from news article below)

This is the 17th in a series of articles sponsored by the Oconto County Teachers Association to promote better public relations in the schools of our county.

Its Long Way from Days
of the Old Plank Seats


At the annual meeting in July of 1906 a motion was made and seconded that a new school house be built. It was decided that the building should be 44 feet by 44 feet with a 12 foot ceiling. A building committee, which consisted of three members, was elected. Fred Mittag was elected chairman of the committee. Chas. Nicholas and Wm. Nicholas being the other two members. The old school house was sold to the highest bidder, which was Grant Matravers, for $117.00. The cost of the new building was $1,590. In 1915, a big improvement was made when a well was drilled. The year that the new school house was built, the Greenwood District had Wm. Nocholas as their clerk.

Some of the early teachers were Edna Mc Dowell, with a salary of $35.00 per month: Zora Couillard—$30.00 per month; Mary Heller—$35.00 per month; Zina Lehner—$40.00 per month; Olive Duame. Addie Winans, and Agnes Le Fevre, who had an enrollment of 58.

However, the enrollment didn't stay this high as the years passed by. In 1944, the enrollment decreased to seven children and the children were transported to the Brookside State Graded School. They were transported for three years and in the fall of 1947, the enrollment had increased enough to reopen the school. It now has an enrollment of 35.

The present school board members (1953) are: Mrs. Ben Kussow, clerk; Edward De Lano. treasurer; and Richard Belongia, director.

Many improvements have been made during the past few years. A record player and filmstrip projector are part of the newly-purchased equipment.

This past summer an oil furnace, indoor toilets, and running water were installed, and the interior was completely redecorated. The taxpayers of the Greenwood School District are proud to be sending their children to one of the most modern rural schools in Oconto county.

The present teacher is Mrs. Eileen Krueger.