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Grignon School
District No. 2
Highway M & Elm Road
town of How

Oconto County, Wisconsin

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District No. 2
Grignon School

Built in 1879.

Photo was taken in 1902 while still a one room school. The student body, grades 1 through 12, here numbers well into the 50's, with the one teacher standing in the back right. Older pupils helped tutor the younger ones. Surnames of students in this photo include Ehlinger, Grignon, Philippi, Schuettpelz, Otto, Deeds, Otradovec, Kenke, Buhrandt, Hischke, Pethke, Aldrich, Kolberg. Several of the students pictured became teachers in Oconto County  and other schools.
A second classroom was added in 1917, after this crowded photo was taken.

The original one room 1879 school is on the left,
1917 addition and tower is on the right

Photos contributed by:
Jill Gondek
Taken 2010

Oconto County Reporter, Oconto, Wisconsin,
May 1, 1903

Alla Hankwitz closed her school last week after an eight month's term in School District No. 2 known as the Grignon school house.
Article contributed by
Larry Grady
(transcribed from news article below)

This is the twelfth in a series of articles sponsored by the Oconto County Teachers Association to promote better public relations in the schools of our county.



Radio Part of Instruction at North Branch; Grignon Founded in 1870

The Grignon school district No. 2 in the town of How, Oconto county, was organized approximately in the late 1870(s). There is a record of the purchase of the land that is the present site of the school from Peter Colville, November 3, 1877, for one dollar. The lumber was believed to have come from Green Bay. There are no records to tell who was on the school board. Some of the first pupils were Chris Hein, John Hein, Minnie Hein, John Lyons, Lizzie Lyons, Maggie Lyons, Mina Saunders, Caroline Ehlinger, Mike Ehlinger. Nick Ehlinger and Clara Ehlinger.

Some of the first teachers were Miss Hamilton, Suzy Gilke, Alice Evans, Waile Trecartin, Maggie Bellew. Anna Banta, Jennie Houle, Cora Raymond, Greta Neuman, Mina Saunders (1899-1900), Jo Mann, Roger Brooks. Margaret Calhoun and Henry Wegner.  Mr. Wegner at the present time is a member of the State Department of Public Instruction at Madison, acting in the capacity of Assistant Supervisor of the School Lunch Program. Mina Saunders had about fifty-two pupils in the one-room school, received $30.00 per month, and did her own cleaning of the school.
Robert Grignon, John Stengel, Gustav Otto were the school board members at this time.

In 1916 Kevin Grady was the teacher receiving $40.00 per month. The school operated as a one-room rural school until 1917.

On the 20th of April of 1917. a special meeting was held at the school. Mr. Alex Grignon, a new member on the board and clerk, read an affidavit showing that the meeting was called on the written request of five legal voters of the district that notices thereof were posted in manner prescribed for calling the annual meeting. Sixty people were notified to vote on the following:
  1. Authorize the school board to make application for a loan of $2,775.00 from the State Trust Funds for the purpose of building a school.
  2. To raise by tax a sum sufficient to pay the principal and interest of "such loan as it becomes due."

The new part of the school was built by Peter Miller.

Teachers in the two room school were: Birdie Cheffings and Ann Parker, Myrtle Mc Glachin and Edity Don Levy, Lillian and Rose Gilligan.
School board members were John Stengel, Alex Grignon and Gustav Otto. Other board members later were Louis Suring, Paul Genke Sr., John Hoefs, Hugo Gipp, Theo. Jansen,  Paul Bartz,  Bob,  Pethke Sr., Mike Ehlinger, Paul Schuettpelz, Frederick Stengel and Alfred Pethke.

In a meeting held July 2nd. 1923, it was voted to make the school a one-room school with one teacher.

Some of the teachers that taught after this were Margaret Aldrich, Myrtle Ankerson, Konrad Koosman, Ethel Fredrickson, Mary Mc Allister, Earl Erdman, Rose Otradovec, Russell Wicke, Pearl Sorenson, Mariam Scheer, Mrs. Florence Hamlin, Mrs. A. Nelson and Mrs. E. Pasterski. The present teacher is Mrs. Lucille Schmit.

The present school board members are Mrs. Hubert Scheer, Mr. Harry Otto and Mr. Albert Kegel.

The school serves as the meeting place for the 4-H club and the leaders of the Homemakers.

The most recent improvements are all new desks, double roll shades, screens, eave troughs and the painting of the outside of the school.