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 Kelly Brook School
9095 County A
Town of Spuce
Oconto County, Wisconsin

Photo 1907
This is the second Kelly Brook school building which was built
of brick in 1899.
It replaced the original log school house built in 1885.

Photo 1953
The second classroom was added in 1909 as enrollment increased.

This is the 11th in a series of articles sponsored by the Oconto County Teachers Association to promote better public relations in the schools of our county. 

The articles were  found in the scrap book of his late mother.

Article contributed by:
Larry Grady

(transcribed from the 1953 and 1954)

History of the Kelly Brook School

The Kelly Brook School District was organized in 1885. The school was built of hewn logs on the same site the present school stands. The inside was white washed and wooden pegs were driven into the logs on which to hang coats and caps. The school hard was enclosed with a board fence and woods were all around.

The members of the first school board were Christ Peterson, Clerk; James Martlett, Director; and Dennis Martineau, Treasurer.

The first teacher was Rose Hamilton, who taught a four month term at $30.00 a month. She followed the old custom of boarding for several weeks at a time with each family represented in the school. Teachers who followed were Clara Glynn and Mr. T. P. Rierdon.

There were fifty-seven pupils enrolled when Mr. Rierdon taught. His wages were $30.00 a month, but the length of the school term was increased to nine months.

Mr. McKinley of Abrams was the County Superintendent and there was no supervising teacher.

Some years later in 1899 a brick building replaced the log building. The old school was salvaged and sold to Mr. Collard who used it in constructing a pig pen and chicken coop on the farm which is now owned by Douglas Dorrow.

As the enrollment increased in 1909, another room was added and the school became a State Graded School. Ella Hansen and Flora Brazeau were the first teachers in the State Graded School. Two rooms were maintained until 1942, when the small enrollment forced the return of the one-room system.

The present school room has been extensively remodeled. The ceiling has been lowered and the walls and ceiling are covered with cellotex paneling with new light fixtures added. The floors have been sanded and sealed. All new desks have been installed and a library room is being added with newly modern cabinets. A new oil burning heating system has been installed this fall.

Additional library books are being purchased each year to build a good school library. The school has had a hot lunch program since the Federal Hot Lunch Program with the exception of a few years. The program is sponsored by the Mother’s Club of which Mrs. Harvey Dobratz is president. There is a nice school kitchen which meets with state requirements. Mrs. Otto Schaumberg is the school cook.

There is a very active 4-H club in the community. The club was organized sixteen years ago by Lawrence Peterson and Mrs. Hans Christensen who are still leaders of the club.

The Kelly Brook Club Hose is now owned by the School District and 4-H club. It is a very valuable asset to the community.

The present school board members are: Mrs. Hans Christensen, Clerk; Mrs. Frank Tomko, Treasurer; and Mrs. Grover Behringer, Director. There are thirty-four pupils enrolled with Mrs. Lolly Miller teacher