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 Lena School and Lena High School
Oconto County, Wisconsin

Lena School  -  The athletic field (top), gymnasium (center, dark roof) and east wing of the school, were added by the WPA.
Older parts of the building have been torn down over time. 

On May 6, 1935, the Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) was created by the Federal Government to help provide economic relief to the citizens of the United States who were suffering through the Great Depression. The various projects across the country provided new and improved public areas and services while providing jobs for the vast numbers of unemployed of this difficult time.
Photo (above) taken and contributed by: John Larson

Lena High School 1937
with gymnasium

The original Lena School was one story with central entryway and two classrooms.
This early photograph shows almost 60 students and two teachers.
Notice the bell chord hangs from the outside roof and in front of the main doors.

The original one story school was the foundation and a second floor was built over under it.
The school now had 5 classrooms.

Lena Public School
The barn at far right was on the Ted Wilford farm.

The second floor center has a fitted window to brighten the stairway and halls.
 Historian Ms. Norman Kramer Collection
contributed by: Michael Dionne

Lena School Students
Teacher Miss Fitzgerald
Top Row: Bill Feak, Louis Rosera, Adam Wondrash, Marcouiller, Belle Rose Anna Gilles, Niquette (Julia) Mrs. Henry Netzer.
Middle Row: Leonard Feak, Elmer Kosnar, Prosper Dionne, Arno Maigatter, Meta Pelkey, Mae Dionne, Mae Netzer, Rose Wondrash Teteak, Francis Gilles.
Bottom Row: Theodore Wolfert, Luke Netzer, Clayton Harley
contributed by: Michael Dionne

Lena School Students 
Closeup taken from above photo.
contributed by: Michael Dionne

Lena School  1916 - Students play baseball during recess. In the center of the very left side you can see just the roof edge of the original one room schoolhouse was located where the present grade school now stands. 
The barn at far right was on the Ted Wilford farm.

contributed by:
Carolyn King Laskowski

 Lena School in 1938 - The WPA added an athletic field, gymnasium and east wing to the school build on the left. 
As more additions were made, this older building was torn down. None of it remains

contributed by:.
Carolyn King Laskowski

The following tables were contributed by: Jilaine
transcribed for posting by: Janet

Lena High School Students from Town of Little River 1931-32

Name   Age    Entrance Date #of Months attending during preceding school year
Bundy, Ernest 16 Aug 31 9
Dalota, Paul  17 Aug 31 9
Valley, Claribel 15 Aug 31 7

Lena High School Students from Town of Little River 1935

Name Age Residence Entrance Date  #of Months attending during preceding school year
Behnke, Gordon   Little River 9/3/1935 9
Behnke, Lloyd   Little River  9/3/1935 9
Degeneffe, Elmo   Little River 9/3/1935 9
Garrigan, Stanley   Little River 9/3/1935 9
Henneman, Norbert    Little River  9/3/1935 9
Schaut, Jule   Little River  9/3/1935 9
Behnke, Alfred    Little River  9/3/1935 9
Frosch, Bernard   Little River 9/3/1935 9
Koch, Leonard    Little River 9/3/1935 9
Molitor, Lorraine   Little River 9/3/1935 9
Borzick, Mary    Little River  9/3/1935 9

Lena High School Students  1938 - 39

 Name  Residence Date of Entrance # of Mos. Attending Previous School Year
Degeneffe, Marion Oconto 9/5/1938  9
Garrigan, Harley Lena 9/5/1938 9
Prausa, Betty Oconto, Rt. 1 9/5/1938 9
Prausa, Roland Oconto, Rt. 1 9/5/1938 9
Schaut, Thomas Lena  9/5/1938 9
Alberts, William  Lena 9/5/1938 9
Davis, Samuel Lena 9/5/1938 9
Netzer, Walter Lena  9/5/1938 7
Garrigan, Betty Lena  9/5/1938 9
Rouer, Violet  Lena  9/5/1938 9
Schaut, Francis Lena  9/5/1938 9
Behnke, Gordon  Lena  9/5/1938 9
Behnke, Lloyd Lena  9/5/1938 9
Davis, Ernest Lena  9/5/1938 9
Garrigan, Stanley  Lena  9/5/1938 9
Prausa, Harold Oconto, Rt. 9/5/1938 9

Lena High School  1941
Lena High School Students from Town of Little River  1941

Name Age No. Weeks
Degeneffe, Mona Lou   2
James, Elizabeth   36
Whalen, Michael   16
Albertz, Vallee Mae   20
Garrigan, Dorothy   36
Alberts, William   36
Des Jarlais, Roy   36

Lena High School  1942

Davis, Samuel
Hansen, Ruth Ann
Staidl, Maynard
Carriveau, Jack
Garrigan, Harley
Lemerand, Kenneth
Reed, Eva
Schaut, Tom
Behnke, Herbert
Garrigan, James
Garrigan, Mary Jane
Hansen, Shirley
Jones, Grace
Marquardt, Harry
Schmolinski, Earl
Zorn, Leonhard
Zorn, Orval
Christopher, Ila Mae

Lena High School Students from Town of Little River  1942

Name  Age # of Weeks
Shaut, Robert    36
Shallow, Oliver   3
Shallow, Phyllis   36
Zorn, Marvin    36
Degneffe, Mary Ellen   36
Garrigan, Harley   36
Lemerond, Kenneth   36
Reed, Eva   36
Shaut, Tom   36
Whelan, Michael   14

      Lena High School students from Town of Little River   1946

Name Age # of Weeks
Benke, Herbert    36
Garrigan, James   36
Garrigan, Mary Jane   36
Hansen, Shirley   36
Marquardt, Harry   36
Zorn, Leonard   36
Zorn, Orval   36
Christopher, Illa Mae   36
De Jarlais, Roy   36
Garrigan, Dorothy   36
Christopherson, Marvin   36
Davis, Elsie   36
Davis, Esther    36
De Jarlais, Francis   36
Earley, Robert    16
Imig, Caroline    36
La Fortune, Elsie   36
Marquardt, Marvin    12
Osman, Theodore   2



During these early days Lena was not The only school in the area. The country schools with grades 1 to 8 were also in operation. Many of the students who would eventually wind up in Lena High School came from these country schools such as: LaFaHotte, Fair-view, Stiles Junction, Meadow Brook, PersNng, Ketly Brook, Maple Center, Maple Grove. Victory, Sunshine. Sunny Brook, Birch Grove and Louisville. Some of these schools would not be considered in the Lena district today but in the early days students from these rural schools often went to the H?gh School which was the most convenient. These rural schools were actually districts of their own with their own school board.
One example of these eariy rural schools was SUNNY BROOK district No. 4. The first building was a wooden, one-room replaced in 1913. The wooden building was removed to the comer of Sunny Brook Road and the Belgian Road, remodeied into a cheese factory, later used as a slaughter house, a store, then moved from the premises to be remodeled into a home
In 1913 the cement block building having two rooms was built by Nick Neuer who owned a cement block factory where he made decorative blocks. Similar ones can be seen in the construction of the old Mathey building, now Lyle's Red Owl.
The name Sunny Brook was selected by vote of the student body as were the school colors of maroon and gold.
The two room school with two teachers had an average of 60 students in grades 1-4 and 5-8
Many social and community events were held at tne school. Christmas programs were performed by students for the parents on lemonade and homemade fee cream. School meetings always brought large crowds with community interest and cooperation. Four-H Club meetings, card games, ice cream socials and box lunch actions were all pan of the fun at the Sunny Brook country school,
' By 1914 the Lena School board decided, with 41 eligible scholars of High School age they should establish a four year High School. The Lena Board of education at this time was composed of Mr. J.H, Paviik, Mr. Edward Niquetteand Mr. Peter Peetz. This board held several meetings to formulate the necessary paper work to develop a Free Lena High School, The requirements for the establishment of a High School in the State of Wisconsin in 1914 were very sample by today's standards:
1) There must be at teast 25 students,
2) They must be cualfied to enter upon High School work.
3) They must be of school age I under 20).
4) They must be residents of the district.
The Lena Board of Education in 1914 sent their certified letter on Sept. 18 with a list of 41 students all meeting the requirments. This letter also included a course of study adopted by the board for the Lena High School,
1.  Edna Lorenz 
2.  Pearl Brown 
3. Alice Cayo 
4. LibbieKlimesh 
5. Frank Pavlik 
6. Lillian Niquette 
7. Odile Dionne 
8. JohnMeleskt 
9. Norman Niquette 
10.  Frank Courchaine 
11. Theresa Dionne 
12.  Chester Feak 
13. RoseHarley 
14.  Peter Mathev 
15.  Mabie McGuire 
16. Alvina Mteziva 
17. Ralph Niquette 
18. Pearl Rosera 
19- Mildred Valley 
20. Ray Dionne
21- Arthur Hariey
22. Bermce Needham
23. Able Netzer
24. Stanley Netzer
25. Sophia Peetz
26. Almura Pelkey
27. Rynold Rosera
28. Earl Chesley
29. Atfred Peetz
30. Martha Pelkey
31. Gladys Rosera
32. Julie Dionne
33. Carl Peak
34. Lucille McGuire
35. Berth Rosera
36, Adam Nichidoine
37, Roland Wenzel
38, Rosa Mleziva
39. Edward Marcufida
40. Joseph Lindorf
 41. Florence Needham



40. Joseph Lindorf
 41. Florence Needham