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 Louisville School
Located at Ellman Rd. & County J
Oconto County, Wisconsin

Photo Above Contributed by
Larry Grady

Located at Ellman Rd. & County J
2 Photos
Below Taken 2010 & contributed by:
Jill Gondek

School Building Identified by:
Leon Bitters
and Kitty at the
Oconto County Historical Society

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Louisville School students 1953.

Contributed by
Larry Grady

Christmas Program at Louisville School.

Contributed by
Larry Grady

Louisville School students 1954.
Teacher, Mrs. Grady, right.

Contributed by
Larry Grady

History of Louisville and Maple 
Grove Schools Goes Back To 1880's

(transcription, see original below))

This is the 22nd in a series of articles sponsored by the Oconto County Teacher's Association 

to promote better public relations in the schools of our county.

LOUISVILLE SCHOOL Lena — On August 7th. 1880, the settlers of the nm-th western corner of the Town of Oconto met at the home of J. L. Ordway, the present home of John Curley. The purpose was to plan and pick a site for a school. The closest school being four miles.

Those that met to organize the school district were Wm. Langer, Alex Pelkey, Norbert Allie, Sr., Thomas Pelkey, Anton Gimmer, J. A. Whiting, C. F. Whiting, Theodore Gray, J. S. Ordway, W. G. Ordway and Caleb Ordway. This meeting was adjourned until further notice from town super­visors.

On September 27, 1880, follow­ing notice from the town super­visors stating they should elect a school board, establish a school district, and prepare for building la school house. The district to be known   as   District   Number   2, Town of Oconto.

The first school board members elected were J. S. Ordway, clerk; J. A. Whiting treasurer; and Wm. Langer, director. It was reported that fourteen pupils resided in the district. A short time later the school board was authorized to build a school. The expenses for same being paid for by the town.

On September 17, 1881, the school house was completed. The number of pupils had grown to twenty. They hired the first teacher, Miss Gertrude Yard. The next teacher was Oscar Soyer, who was followed by Alice Glyn who received '25.00 per month. The next teacher was Amy Carlin. During' the early years the school was held only for six months.

Years passed and while Marg­aret Carlin was teaching they found more and more people mov­ing in, so the old school became too small. After many stormy meetings it was finally settled in 1892 to build a new school on the present site. It was now called the Louisville School.

It didn't seem too good a spot. Many poplar trees in back. The yard was enclosed with a high board fence with a board across the tops of the posts. This was an excellent place to play teeter totter.

A well was drilled in 1897, be­fore that time it was carried from the neighboring homes. We also find that the school was cleaned for a number of years at $1.50 per term.

The first married teacher to be hired was Mrs. Jessie LaPene in 1922.   Salaries remained  rather low until 1923 when they had raised to $100.00 a month.

The following are some of the teachers that have taught at the Louisville School: Anna Barkor,  Alice Fox, Margaret Edwards, Jennie Murphy, Ella Hanson, Stella Racen, Elsie Zeroth, Kevin Grady and Olga Vistenz.

Through the years many im­provements were made: electric lights, radio, piano, and a film-strip projector. These are excell­ent tools for learning.

Early in 1952 it was planned to build on an addition with a base­ment. This was completed this fall with modern plumbing and an oil furnace. Louisville School now ranks among the best equipped schools in the County.

The present enrollment is 19 pupils. The school board members are: Mr. Roland Noren, clerk; Mr.Carl Crozier, treasurer; and Mrs. Frieda Ellman, director. The present teacher is Mrs. Carl

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Contributed by
Larry Grady