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    Morgan Central School 
County C and Wahl Lane

(southeast corner)

Oconto County, Wisconsin

built 1904

Photo contributed by:

Jill Gondek

photo 2010

Photo contributed by:
Sharon Van Ark
This picture was with other pics from that school. I attended it in the 50's. Many memories!!

photo courtesy of:
Oconto County Genealogical Society

Photo taken after the storm shed was added in 1923 and the stone foundation had been replced by concrete.

Article contributed by: Larry Grady
(transcribed from the news article below)


The Morgan Central School. District Number 1 in the town of Morgan, was originally located at Morgan. At the annual meeting held July 5th, 1904, a motion was made and seconded that the school house be moved to the center of the district. The board was instructed to buy one acre of land of the N. W. Corner of the E. side of Carl Schroeder's for $75.00.

At a special meeting August 9, 1904. it was decided to build a new school. The specifications state that the building was to be 22' x 36' x 12'. The school house was to have a belfry and there was to be a flag pole. The school yard had to he stumped which was done by David Meyer for $9.00. The school had a stone wall foundation which was replaced by a concrete one in 1928. A storm shed was added in 1923.

The walls of the first school were plastered and had wainscoating 4 feet high from the maple floor. In 1915 the walls were tinned and painted. In 1952 the tin was removed. The walls and ceiling were covered with fiber board. This year the school and woodshed were repainted white. The interior of the building was redecorated.

The first school board members were August Birr. Charles Meyers, and O. B. Judd. Their salaries were $10, S5 and $5 respectively. Mr. Charles Meyers held his office as treasurer for 38 years.

There were to be seven months of school for the first year. A motion was made that the board hire a "female" teacher. Stella Perrigu was the first teacher. Her salary was $30 a month. Each school year after this was 8 months until 1916. Then the 9 month school year began. In the years that there were eight months of school it began in the first part of October. The Superintendent at this time was Mr. Gelke. He was followed by Adelaide Taylor in 1908.

The school was scrubbed three times a year. In 1918 a motion was made to have it scrubbed once a month.

The first stove used was a box stove. This was replaced in 1911 by a jacket stove costing $103.13. We are still using this stove. Double desks were in use until 1918. Then single adjustable desks were purchased. A well was drilled in 1913.

The school was lighted with bracket lamps. Later the Alpha .Literary society bought hanging , kerosene lamps. In the early 1930's electric lights replaced the kerosene lamps. We have a radio and record player, too.

Some of the early teachers were Clara Mineau. Inez Halsted. Mary Birr. Mary Volk, Bess Johnston, Nina Hudson, Edna Dobberke, Florence Krueger, Bemice Nichols, Gertrude Campbell, Mayme Judd. Margaret Vollmer, Frances Meyer, and Eva Rietbrock.

Some of the later teachers were Mrs. Barbara Geil. Mrs. Howard 1 Johnston.   Bemice   Rallof.   and Frances Nauman.

The present school board members are Mrs. Howard Johnston,  Theodore Gaertig. and Ellsworth Adler. Mrs. Marie Zemblowski is the present teacher.

Photo by Tom Rymer
Times Herald Page 
9 December 1977

Morgan Central School
April 1, 1936

Far left row front to back: Arlein Meyer, Violet Drews, Mell Birr, Freddie Wahl and teacher Eva Waldron.

2nd row: Eleanor Roubal, Bud  Drews, Margaret Birr, Harold Wellnitz and Lee Birr.
3rd row: Ardis Wellnitz, Jeanette Calba, Ray Roubal, Beatrice Birr, Irene Wellnitz and Wayne Birr.
4th row: Nathan Birr, Eddie Wellnitz, Everett Wahl and Bill Schroeder.
Picture Donald Schroeder

Morgan Central 1936 - 37
Standing left to right: Anita Birr, teacher Frances NAUMANN, Dorothy Calba, Bernice Rallof,
Louis Birr,  Carol Birr, Vera Pionek, Doris Pionek and Beryl Calba.
Kneeling: James Rallof, Leo Wahl, Fritz Schroeder, Irwin Witt, Henry Streblow, and Herbert Hessil.
Sitting: Marvin Calba, Ronnie Birr, Glenn Birr, Robert Birr, Gerald Gaertig, Allen Pionek, Harvey Wellnitz and Philip Rollaf
Picture: Donald Schroeder