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   Pensaukee School
Oconto County, Wisconsin

Taken 2011
Photos contributed by:

Jill Gondek

Oconto County
Pensaukee School - 1909
Sporting the tallest flag pole in the area, this school included the following in it's enrollment, left to right:

Top row: Anna Knotz, teacher, Hazel Everson, Ella Krallapp, Sue Livermore, Edna Moe,  Lorella Everson, Orphe Livermore, Fred Topel, Ray Swaer, (boy) Milkie, Elmer Topel, Herb Ziesmer, Ray Dienberg, Art Swaer, Irving Lubus.
Bottom row; (girl) Milkie, Florence Swaer, Ida Ziesmer, Mildred Olson, Gladys Ziesmer, Helen Olson, Gladys Topel, Henrietta Dienberg, Mayme Livermore, Esther Kralapp, Lillian Kralapp, Elsie Milkie, Norma Everson, Gretchen Livermore, Mildred Topel, Cornell Francart, Howard Topel, Cordes Livermore, (boy) Milkie.
Photo provided by Gloria Olson.

Pensaukee School - 1934 - 1935
The Mary Zimmerman Carl and
Bonnie Zimmerman Milan collection. 
Photo provided by Gloria Olson.

Pensaukee School 
Mother's Presentation
seated: Ila Frease, Clara Ziesmer.
standing left to right: Esther Ziesmer, Ida Topel, Violet Zimmerman, Margaret Doeren, and Mable Drolette.
Bonnie Zimmerman Milan collection. 
provided by Mary Zimmerman Carl

Pensaukee School 
Girl's Sewing Project

Bonnie Zimmerman Milan collection. 
provided by Mary Zimmerman Carl. 

Pensaukee School 
Connie Zimmerman Milan collection. 
provided by Mary Zimmerman Carl

contributed by:
Larry Grady

(transcribed from the 1953 news article below)

Pensaukee — Pensaukee School may be the oldest school in the county. The land for the school was deeded to District Number 1, Pensaukee in 1860 by Mr. Gardner of Chicago. No school records are available from such an early date.

The earliest records available were from 1899. It was interesting to note that the teacher hired that year was Francis Herald, an aunt of the present teacher, Mrs. Geo. Gerler. A few of the earlier teachers were Julia Bohan, Kathrine Flynn, Mrs. Russel and Mr. McGinty.

At one time when the school was being remodeled, the children went to school in a house which is now occupied by Mrs. Francis Swear.

The school has usually had quite a large enrollment, sometimes it ran to fifty pupils or more. In 1912, a special meeting was called to vote on raising funds for a two room school. The vote was in favor of building, but for some reason this was not carried out. The large enrollment remains a problem today. It is now forty-two children.

Extensive remodeling has gone on in the school from time to time. At present, it is a well equipped school. An oil furnace was installed in 1951. A new well was dug and water piped into the school in 1953. Plans are being made to install toilets this year.

The children go to school today in a bright cheerful room which has windows all along the East side of the building. They sit in single adjustable desks which can be moved into groups for discussions or just working together.

The district furnishes complete supplies and text books which are attractive. Children can't help but enjoy and learn geography from the colorful texts and globes in use today.

During recess periods their play is made more active by the use of playground apparatus installed in the school yard. Athletic equipment of softballs, footballs, basketballs and different sized rubber balls is in use.

Pensaukee has a very active PTA organization. They are a great help and cooperate fully with the school. Different members take the children on field trips and are always willing to help in any way they can. They have bought many things for the school such as an electric plate, radio and record player. They also provide treats for the children at the Christmas Programs. The eighth grade boys and girls at graduation time.

Out of this little one-room school in Pensaukee have come many honor roll students. Some have received top honors of Valedictorian of the Oconto High School graduation class. Pensaukee is proud of its school and its accomplishments.

The present school board is Mr. Sebastien Doeren, Clerk; Mr. Wilbur Drolette, Treasurer; and Mr. Melvin Topel, Director.